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We focus our solutions on two core areas of crucial need we have mastered from years of collaboration with businesses that rely on innovators to protect their critical infrastructure and the continually evolving demands of the high performance computing community.

NextComputing Solutions

Cyber Security


Take charge of your CyberSecurity challenges with open, configurable packet capture and visibility appliances and software solutions.

Packet Continuum Packet Capture Application
24/7 Cyber Infrastructure

Scalable, high-performance, continuous capture for large enterprises and security providers

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CyberPro Capture Appliance
forensic capture appliances

Deployable capture/triage tools for ad-hoc threat hunting / incident response / troubleshooting teams

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Digital creation


We are renowned for our incredibly small workstations, servers and rendering systems customized for your application needs.

Unique Computer Hardware Solutions
hardware platforms

High performance portable systems and compact rackmounts to meet multiple application demands

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Edge Creative Workstations
Creative Workstations

Compact, powerful, portable workstations built for creative professionals.

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