Rugged Workstation with Dual 24” 4K displays
and designed to meet MIL-810E/901E/167 specifications

  • Unique Design

    Briefcase-like form factor with dual integrated 24” 4K displays for visual applications such as signals intelligence and UAV piloting

  • Secure Operation

    Desktop form factor with optional hardware for secure mounting on a ship, vehicle, or other platform

  • Military Standard

    Certified to MIL-SPEC and other configurations designed to meet MIL-SPEC

  • Rugged Transport

    Includes rugged hard case for reliable, secure transportation, as well as optional operational hard case for easy deployment

  • Powerful Performance

    Available with workstation-class Intel and AMD processors, high-speed memory, full-size PCIe expansion, and extensive storage options

High-Performance in Any Environment

An ideal platform for use cases that require a powerful appliance in rugged conditions

Exclusive Rugged Portable Design

Integrated displays and dual-chassis design featuring shock-mounted internal chassis suspended in a rugged, mil-anodized external chassis, no metal-to-metal contact

Services for Your Success

NextComputing offers solution creation, engineering, and integration services to customize this flexible platform for the success of you and your customers

In tough environments

For mobile deployments where size, weight, power, and cooling (SWaP-C) are a concern, typical rackmount workstations are just too large, heavy and power consuming. Vigor systems by NextComputing are the perfect solution to overcome these problems.

Vigor Plus, with its dual 24” 4K displays, is built for running visual applications wherever you need to be. Whether you’re operating from a ship, vehicle, or command center, the Vigor Plus is designed for rapid and secure deployment with its portable form factor, secure mounting options, and MIL-SPEC standards.

Need a specific configuration or custom accessories? Let us work with you to create your own purpose-built deployable appliance based on our Vigor platform.


Optional Equipment


Mounting Plates

Plates can be used to secure the system in environments such as a ship, aircraft or vehicle.

External UPS

Mounted in operational 2U hardcase IL-STD-461, MIL-STD-461C, DODSTD-1399-70-1MIL810H/901E certified, with ratchet strapping

Operational Case

Transport and deploy without taking the system out of its case. Rugged protection for fast operation in the most demanding environments.

Solution, Engineering, and Integration Services

NextComputing offers services for solution success and fast time to market or deployment. Outsource tasks and let NextComputing handle processes that are not core to your business so you can focus on what you do best.

See our Services section for a complete look at how we can build, brand, validate, and maintain the perfect appliance for you or your customers.

  • Reduce Costs

    Contain soft costs with an appliance solution validated by us

  • Generate New Products

    Quickly deploy a variety of turnkey solutions based on a common architecture

  • Save Time

    Let us handle configuration management for updates or branching out to new products

  • Extend Your Brand

    Put your logo on the system to create your own branded product

  • And Much More!

System Specs

  • MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-461C, and DODSTD-1399-70-1 Certified
  • MIL-STD-167-1A Vibration, MIL-STD-810H Ground Transportation Vibration, MIL-DTL-901E High Impact Shock Certified
  • 0°C–40°C / 32°F–104°F. Non-Operating: -20°C–70°C, -4°F–158°F.
  • Relative humidity (5-95%) non-condensing
  • FCC Class A, CE, TUV, ROHS, Conflict Minerals Free

Support for a mounting adaptor for fixed mount use cases in ships and vehicles and adaptor kit/mounting plate options

Removable Dust Filter

Operational: 0C-40C with Removable Dust Filter with I/O cover and spare washable filters. This modular kit is included and user installable without tools

Dual Displays

1st & 2nd Left/Right Swing out 23.8” 4K 3840(RGB)×2160, UHD 4K , 185PPI (23.8" 4K Dual screens) Fold Modular Display Sub-system


Powerful processors from Intel and AMD. We will help you select the right processor for your application specific use case

  • Single AMD EPYC™ Series
  • Single AMD Ryzen Series
  • Single Intel® Core Series
  • Single or dual Intel® Xeon® Series
Memory Up to 1TB DDR4 RAM depending on motherboard chipset
PCI Express Expansion

Up to (7) PCI Express slots for full height PCI Express cards to ¾ length cards or 9” length with no internal system obstructions


Support for best in class workstation GPU cards: Single and Dual graphics cards from NVIDIA


System Drives: No tools required Single Removable Drive Bay magazine comprised of up to (2) 1TB - 8TB Solid State Drives (RAID 1, Total: 2TB) - SSD (EVO drives)

Data Drives: No tools required Single Removable Drive Bay magazine comprised of up to (4) 1TB - 8TB Solid State Drives (Total: 32TB) - SSD (EVO drives)

RAID Optional: Onboard SATA RAID 0/1/5/10, or via add-on PCIe 12G RAID high performance controller options. Our specialty includes optimization for sustained write, video switching ISO recording, and data recording. See systems engineering services section above.
  • (2) 1Gbps Ethernet Ports and IPMI (Remote Management)
  • (2) 10G x 2 Intel Ethernet Adaptor RJ45
  • Options for upgrades to 2x25G SF28, 2x40G QSFP28, 1x100G, 2x100G QSFP28 NIC cards

Secure Boot UEFI compliant BIOS, Boot Guard,TPM2.0

Remote Management

IPMI, HTML5 and API based out of band management with MAC addresses identification, one time boot on next reboot option, PXE boot option, Redfish compatible Out of Band (OBB) management connection

Operating systems

Windows 11 and 10 64 Bit Pro, Windows Server, CentOS, Red Hat and other Linux distributions, VMWare vSphere. We also can optimize the OS installation and settings for your use case


110/220V 50/60Hz auto ranging AC 850W single 80 Plus Platinum PSU

  • < 27” - 74.7” x 18.4” x 14.5” (open dual display)
  • < 27.8” x 18.4” x 14.5” (closed 2nd display)
  • 3.46” H x 17.25” W x 12.60” D standard rack mount (2 and 4 point)
  • 9” H x 21.75” W x 13.875” D (complete system including operational hard case)
  • Total Weight under 61 lbs.
Transport Case

Includes workstation transport case certified with the system for MIL810H compliance

Optional Equipment
  • External UPS in Operational Transit Case: External UPS/Operational 2U rugged hardcase short depth 24.8" MIL810H/901E certified UPS 1000VA / 900W supports full 645W load for 6 minutes and at half load 325W that will run for 20 minute. MIL810H/901E CERTIFIED with (2) ratchet Straps for ship mount. Under 63 lbs. total weight
Regulations FCC Class A, and CE. Certified TUV, ROHS
Warranty 1 year parts and labor. 2nd and 3rd year warranty option


Datasheet (PDF)

Vigor Plus Datasheet

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Speak to a Sales Engineer

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