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NextComputing offers a wide array of cutting-edge servers accelerated by NVIDIA GPUs for diverse AI, HPC, and high-speed computing workloads.

NextComputing servers with NVIDIA acceleration can be lab or office based, small portable form factor, short depth rack form factor and deployable as a TSA-compliant carry-on for emergency response.

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A NextComputing Sales Engineer can review your requirements to determine the exact right system and configuration for your needs. Or, if you already know the system you want, you can contact us to place your order or browse pre-configured systems in our store.

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Featured NVIDIA GPUs



From advanced display technology to optimally tuned drivers, NVIDIA RTX Ampere includes a range of features exclusive to NVIDIA professional GPUs that take your server experience to the next level.

  • NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based CUDA® cores
  • Second-generation RT cores
  • Third-generation Tensor cores
  • Third-generation NVIDIA NVLink
  • Up to 48 GB of GPU memory
  • Virtualization-ready
  • PCI Express Gen 4
  • Power efficient
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NVIDIA® V100 Tensor Core GPU

NVIDIA® V100 Tensor Core is the most advanced data center GPU ever built to accelerate AI, high performance computing (HPC)data science and graphics. It’s powered by NVIDIA Volta architecture, comes in 16 and 32GB configurations, and offers the performance of up to 32 CPUs in a single GPU. Data scientists, researchers, and engineers can now spend less time optimizing memory usage and more time designing the next AI breakthrough.

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Unprecedented Acceleration for the world’s highest-performing AI at the edge with NextComputing platforms

The PNY NVIDIA A2 Tensor Core GPU provides entry-level inference with low power, a small footprint, and high performance for intelligent video analytics (IVA) or NVIDIA AI at the edge. Featuring a low-profile PCIe Gen4 card and a low 40–60 watt (W) configurable thermal design power (TDP) capability, the A2 brings versatile inference acceleration to any edge computing server, workstation or deployable variant A2’s versatility, compact size, and low power exceed the demands for edge deployments at scale, instantly upgrading existing entry-level CPU servers to handle inference. Servers accelerated with A2 GPUs deliver up to 20X higher inference performance versus CPUs and 1.3x more efficient IVA deployments than previous GPU generations — all at an entry-level price point.

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Use Cases

Cybersecurity with AI

As the digital universe continues to expand, cyber threats are growing in number and sophistication. Organizations are responding with AI, finding threats within massive amounts of data and building systems that embody a zero-trust, security-everywhere architecture—taking security beyond the data center perimeter to the edge of every server.

Building Stronger, Smarter Security with NVIDIA

  • Streamlined AI: Rapidly customize and deploy cybersecurity solutions leveraging industry-standard APIs in NVIDIA AI frameworks.
  • Accelerated AI Performance: Enable AI inference and real-time monitoring of every server, packet, user, and machine across the entire network with GPU-accelerated performance that’s up to 600X faster than CPU-only servers.
  • High-Performance Networking: Offload, accelerate, and isolate advanced networking, storage, and security services with NVIDIA® BlueField® DPUs.
  • Deploy with Confidence: Use NVIDIA-Certified Systems™ to confidently deploy hardware solutions that securely and optimally run modern accelerated workloads.
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PhD student from the University of Washington, Luke Zettlemoyer, has written a comprehensive and insightful article on the best GPUs for deep learning.

Deep learning is a field with intense computational requirements, and your choice of GPU will fundamentally determine your deep learning experience.

When it comes to the most important GPU specs for deep learning processing speed, Tensor Cores are most important, followed by memory bandwidth of a GPU, the cache hierachy, and only then FLOPS of a GPU.

Mr. Zettlemoyer provides benchmarks and a flow-chart to help narrow down recommendations based on your use case.

Once you’ve determined your GPU requirements, NextComputing offers a variety of computing platforms built around your specific use case. Contact us today to explore new deep learning computer solutions.

Featured Systems

NextStation TR

The NextStation-TR is built from the ground up to utilize AMD’s newest Ryzen Threadripper processors and NVIDIA GPUs. This extreme level of performance demands a unique system configuration, and this kind of intelligent engineering is what NextComputing does best.

NextStation TR


  • Smallest form factor, highest performance: as a desktop system or short-depth rack mount featuring NVIDIA GPUs
  • Easily transportable: System and hard case combined are less than 35lbs for single-person lift and TSA compliant carry-on
  • Modular and purpose-built: For your high performance computing use case
  • As a high-performance server: Ideal for cyber analytics, data analytics, network forensics and data recording
  • As a high-performance workstation: Ideal for rendering and scientific simulation


NextStation TR

NextServer-X 1U

The streamlined design of the NextServer-X 1U server / sensor gives you maximum performance and easy transport. Whether you need a data recorder/collector for cyber analytics in the field, edge computing server capabilities, or the flexibility to grow your toolset with your changing needs, the NextServer-X 1U deployable server/sensor lets you bring your cyber and edge computing applications to the network edge.

NextServer-X 1U

NextServer-X 2U

  • Compact, high-performance rackmount server performance anywhere you need to be
  • Designed for best-in-class components: Built to use NVIDIA cards that leverage the extreme power of the latest GPUs
  • Versatile form factor: Utilize as a desktop system or versatile short-depth rack server
  • Easy, rugged transport: Operate the system from within the rugged travel case for quick setup anywhere
NextServer-X 1U

Nucleus GP 1U

The Nucleus GP 1U is a platform designed to pack maximum GPU processing power in a minimal compact chassis. This short-depth rackmount houses up to 4 NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs for tackling massive datasets.

The incredible performance of this GPU combination offers massive data processing power for a variety of applications

  • Data analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Inference platforms
  • Prediction and forecasting
  • Rendering
NextServer-X 1U

Manufacturing ODM / OEM Appliances

At NextComputing, we custom design/build hardware system solutions with optimized performance and fast time to market across a wide range of industries. We have years of experience in designing, deploying and managing under configuration control complete custom appliances to turn your solution into a performance optimized, purpose built appliance or product family.


Solution, Engineering, and Integration Services

NextComputing offers services for solution success and fast time to market or deployment. Outsource tasks and let NextComputing handle processes that are not core to your business so you can focus on what you do best.

See our Services section for a complete look at how we can build, brand, validate, and maintain the perfect appliance for you or your customers.

  • Reduce Costs

    Contain soft costs with an appliance solution validated by us

  • Generate New Products

    Quickly deploy a variety of turnkey solutions based on a common architecture

  • Save Time

    Let us handle configuration management for updates or branching out to new products

  • Extend Your Brand

    Put your logo on the system to create your own branded product

  • And Much More!

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