Ampere (ARM) Edge Appliances

Built for the demands of edge computing, AI and media streaming


NextComputing systems featuring Ampere® CPUs are built with high performance and energy efficiency, crucial for the latest high-volume data workloads. As a pioneer in the new frontier of energy-efficient high-performance computing, Ampere is a leader in driving sustainable computing for AI inferencing, media streaming, and edge applications.

NextComputing systems support the entire Ampere family of processors including the powerful Ampere M128-26 AC-212819002 Max 64-Bit Multi-Core M128-26 2.60GHz 128-Core Processor Ampere® Altra® Max.

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Edge and Embedded Applications

Driven by demands for more sensors and higher bandwidth for sensors and communications in constrained environments, edge computing is naturally gravitating toward the high density and energy efficiency of Cloud Native Processors by Ampere. Compute modules featuring Cloud Native Processors and open standards for embedded computing applications are speeding adoption and future-proofing the solution.

NextComputing and Ampere enable you to leverage advanced computing hardware for use cases such as:

  • Open-RAN, or Open Radio Access Network, enables interoperability and standardization of RAN elements including products and software from various vendors. Open-RAN allows for more flexible and versatile deployment and operation of mobile networks.
  • Telco Edge, or deploying computing services closer to the edge of the network, near the end users. The benefits of Telco Edge include reduced latency, improved bandwidth, and enhanced service delivery for applications requiring real-time processing, such as IoT devices, streaming services, and mobile applications. It also allows for more efficient network management and enable new services and applications that were impossible with traditional cloud computing architectures.
  • Packet Capture, the process of intercepting and logging traffic that passes over a digital network or part of a network. Packet capture software or devices capture network packets to monitor and analyze network traffic. This can be used for various purposes, such as diagnosing network issues, monitoring network usage, detecting network intrusions, and complying with data retention policies. The captured data can include the content of the packets as well as metadata such as source and destination IP addresses, port numbers, and protocols used.

Artificial Intelligence Inference

The unique characteristics of the Ampere Family of Cloud Native Processors facilitate large-scale AI deployments, keeping operational costs in check—by minimizing energy consumption—and overcoming constrained space, weight, and power restrictions, which traditionally limit edge deployments. This is achieved through the high compute density of Ampere processors equipped with up to 128 single-threaded cores and double the vector units per core—enabling predictable performance and unprecedented computational scaling.

GPU-Free AI Inference with Ampere Cloud Native Processors

Learn more about the cost savings and performance gains of using the right size configurations for optimal efficiency.

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Ampere AI Efficiency: Recommender Engine

Learn more about the key benefits of Ampere cloud native processors for handling recommender engine workloads.

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Media Services

Ampere® Altra® and Ampere® Altra® Max cloud native processors are ideal for running video service workloads. Whether in public cloud services or edge cloud services, Ampere Altra delivers:

  • Predictability for less jitter and lower latency while protecting against noisy neighbor effects in the processor
  • Linear Scalability to maximize heavily loaded server performance
  • The most sustainable, low power architecture for power sensitive edge locations and more efficient Data Centers
  • Scale-out computational horsepower with optimized video codecs high performance video transcoding

Featured Article

Carry-on server flexes up to 256 cores — 480TB NVMe and 4TB RAM join Ampere Altra CPU in new fly-away-kits

"NextComputings fly away kits cram a 1U or 2U rack mount server in a portable TSA-certified luggage."

Tech site Tom’s Hardware featured our fly-away kits with Ampere Altra processors.


Featured Systems

nextserver-x 2u Ampere
Short-Depth Rack Mount

  • Compact form factor: Maximum performance in minimum space
    3.46” H x 17.25” W x 12.60” D standard rack mount (2 and 4 point)
  • High-performance server: For cyber analytics, data analytics, network forensics and data recording at the network edge
  • Ideal for edge computing: Easily integrate a high-performance portable data center closer to your network core, allowing you to generate latency-free analysis and response.

nextserver-x 2u Ampere
Fly-Away Kit

  • Compact form factor: All-in-one system ready for deployment.
  • 9” H x 21.75” W x 13.875” D (complete system including operational hard case)
  • Easy, rugged transport: Operate the system from within the rugged travel case for quick setup anywhere.
  • High-performance server: Ideal for cyber analytics, data analytics, network forensics and data recording at the network edge

nextserver-x 1u Ampere
Short Depth Rack Mount

  • Versatile form factor: Utilize as a desktop system or versatile short-depth rack server: 1.75" H x 17.25" W x 12.60" D standard rack mount (2 and 4 point)
  • High-performance server: Ideal for cyber analytics, data analytics, network forensics and data recording at the network edge

nextserver-x 1u Ampere
Fly-Away Kit

  • Unprecedented performance: Configurations with dual (2) 1U servers are available with 32 to 128 processor cores. Two node configurations feature up 256 cores in one TSA-compliant carry-on flyaway kit.
  • Compact form factor: Dual 1U servers / sensors in a single case.
    9” H x 21.75” W x 13.875” D (two complete systems including operational hard case)
  • Easy, rugged transport: Operate (1) or (2) systems from within the rugged travel case for quick setup anywhere.

Ampere-Based Fly Away Kits for Packet Capture

  • Packet Capture Network Sensor Kit
    • Lossless packet capture with real-time DPI packet analytics, Suricata IDS alerting and very fast “federated” PCAP search. Used for network threat-hunting and Incident Response forensic investigations.
  • Pen Test Fly-Away Kit
    • For network/host monitoring for cyber defense, including threat-hunting (both network and end-point), vulnerability assessment, packet capture with PCAP network forensics
  • Malware & Digital Forensics Fly-Away Kit
    • For analysis of file-based malware, including data/file extraction from external devices, drives and cell-phones
    • Optional: workflow with separate Packet Capture Sensor Kit, for real-time file-carving into Sandbox application
  • SCADA/OT Fly-Away Kit
    • For analysis of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Field Operational Technology (OT) systems for protection of critical infrastructure.
  • Modular Defensive Cyber Operations Fly-Away Kit
    • For deployment of full-scale CPT operations, including multiple Sensors, Operator Workstations, Servers, Tap/Aggregator, Switch, Firewall, deployable UPS

Nucleus GPU Enabled Recorder with Ampere

  • Nvidia GPU Co-Processing: Supports two to four Nvidia dual-wide GPUs for co-processing to enable higher bandwidth and improved data-transfer rates, as well as advanced AI / machine learning applications
  • High-Density, High-Performance: Featuring the latest high-performance Ampere processors and high-speed memory for data-heavy processing
  • Extensive On-Board Storage: Front-removable SSDs up to 30.72TB each

Edge D100 Ampere

  • Support for 2 single-width or 1 dual-width NVIDIA cards
  • Integrated display: All-in-one design for high-performance processing and visualization
  • Compact form factor: Small tower footprint, takes up minimum space
  • PCI Express expansion: Support for multiple full-size PCI Express cards for graphics or AI workflows and machine learning optimized performance
  • Massive storage: Range of internal storage options including PCI Express card based SSDs and SATA based SSDs for increased I/O performance

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