• Unique, secure Design

    Briefcase-like form factor and integrated 17.3″ Full HD display. Built for peace of mind when dealing with frequent transportation and harsh environments

  • High-Performance

    Workstation-class Intel and AMD processors, high-speed memory, and full-size PCIe expansion

  • Massive Storage

    Up to 16 easy-access removable SSDs with RAID options; utilizing the latest high-performance NVMe and traditional SSD storage

  • PCI Express Expansion

    Up to (7) PCI Express expansion slots for full-size cards

  • Add-On Features

    Additional monitors fold together for an easily transportable triple-display workstation. Dust filtration allows for continuous use in harsh environments.

  • Flexible Off-Load

    Configurations available with fast off-load via dual Thunderbolt™ 3 Ports (USB Type-C™) 40 Gb/s Bi-directional Bandwidth, DisplayPort 1.2 capable with 4K video throughout, USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A, and Wi-Fi

  • Easy Transportation

    Optional padded carrying cases or rugged rolling transit cases available

  • Application Support

    We work directly with our customers every day to ensure that our computers meet their unique requirements

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High-Performance in Any Environment

An ideal platform for use cases that require a powerful data analytics appliance in rugged conditions

Exclusive Rugged Portable Design

Integrated HD monitor and dual-chassis design featuring shock-mounted internal chassis suspended in a rugged, mil-anodized external chassis, no metal-to-metal contact

Services for Your Success

NextComputing offers solution creation, engineering, and integration services to customize this flexible platform for the success of you and your customers

In tough environments

For mobile deployments where size, weight, power, and cooling (SWaP-C) are a concern, typical rackmount servers are just too large, heavy and power consuming. The Vigor EDS is the perfect solution to overcome these problems.

Vigor EDS with single, dual or triple display is an ideal platform for use cases that require a rugged (ROTS- rugged enough off the shelf) deployable data analytics appliance.

Some use cases might include:

  • deployable virtualization VMware vSphere OVA platform
  • incident response
  • network performance monitoring
  • endpoint and network data auditing
  • simulation and visualization
  • real-time data and signal recording
  • packet recording
  • network performance monitoring
  • signal recording
  • metadata collection
  • general test/measurement
  • portable server and private cloud
  • deployable deep learning, AI, and machine learning analytics use cases

Ideal for use at the “edge” or site and where its high-speed recording with its quick-time removable large-capacity high-endurance SSDs are applicable.

It also features high core/thread count processors, support for various Linux distributions and vSphere ESXi, and best in class performance/lane count PCI Express 3.0 slots for high performance network adaptors, FPGA, GPU co-processing.

The Vigor EDS can be optimized for high performance combinations of processors-GPUs-fast internal/removable 12G storage arrays- and I-O configured for your application specific purpose-built use case. Data off-load can be fast and easy with flexible networking options including multiple 10G or 40G interfaces, USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A ports. Remote control features can include IPMI and Wi-Fi.

The Vigor EDS is a durable, yet relatively lightweight portable, deployable platform. It is available with an optional durable carrying bag, telescoping rolling bag, or a mil-spec rolling hard case.

Let us help you create your purpose built deployable appliance around our Vigor EDS platform


Optional Equipment

Soft Case

A high-quality, padded carrying bag is available for the Vigor EDS.

  • Has room and extra pockets for your keyboard, mouse, cables, and other items
  • The case can be branded with your logo stitched on the front
  • Comes with a two shoulder harnesses for side-slung or backpack-style / ruck-style carrying
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Hard Case

Protective case with wheels and telescoping handle.

  • Internal foam cutout snugly holds the Vigor, as well as spaces for additional accessories
  • Can be checked as baggage, while giving you peace of mind that your system is safe
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Solution, Engineering, and Integration Services

NextComputing offers services for solution success and fast time to market or deployment. Outsource tasks and let NextComputing handle processes that are not core to your business so you can focus on what you do best.

See our Services section for a complete look at how we can build, brand, validate, and maintain the perfect appliance for you or your customers.

  • Reduce Costs

    Contain soft costs with an appliance solution validated by us

  • Generate New Products

    Quickly deploy a variety of turnkey solutions based on a common architecture

  • Save Time

    Let us handle configuration management for updates or branching out to new products

  • Extend Your Brand

    Put your logo on the system to create your own branded product

  • And Much More!

System Specs

HD display
  • Integrated 17.3” (439.42 mm) HD LED LCD (1920×1080) with scratch-resistant glass.
  • Internal graphics controller options with DVI-D and DisplayPort low profile molded adapter cables to graphics card of your choice. See graphics card section below.
  • Optional resistive touchscreen
  • Optional 2nd and 3rd swingout 17.3" HD displays (touchscreen available on 1st integrated screen only)
Best-in-class single and dual socket workstation and server CPUs

Powerful processors from Intel and AMD. We will help you select the right processor for your application specific use case

  • Single AMD EPYC™ Series
  • Single AMD Ryzen Series
  • Single Intel® Core Series
  • Single or dual Intel® Xeon® Series
High-capacity, high-performance memory Up to 1TB DDR4 RAM depending on motherboard chipset
PCI Express expansion

Up to (8) PCI Express slots

Graphics card options for your use case

Support for best in class workstation GPU cards: Single and Dual graphics cards from NVIDIA

Networking and data off-load to support a flexible workflow
  • Intel ATX, AMD ATX motherboards: 2x Wi-Fi antenna ports (SMA, 2T2R) 1 x USB Type-C™ port, with USB 3.1 Gen 2 support, 1 x RJ-45 1GbE LAN port

  • Intel CEB motherboards: 2 x RJ-45 1GbE LAN ports

  • Optional upgrades: (Intel ATX Z370 only) Intel Thunderbolt 3 Certified add-in card with Intel® DSL6540 C-step Thunderbolt™ 3 controller Dual Thunderbolt™ 3 Ports (USB Type-C™) 40 Gb/s Bi-directional Bandwidth DisplayPort 1.2 Capable with 4K Video Throughout Daisy-chain up to 12 Devices (6 devices per port)

  • PCI Express slots for range of networking, video I-O, GPU and other I-O cards. Ask NextComputing sales engineer

Storage performance and capacity optimized for your use case

OS/application SSD for fast boot and load: 250GB to 2TB M.2 PCIe Gen3. X4, NVMe

Optional Upgrades: We help you optimize the correct performance solution.

  • Depending on motherboard, additional (1) or (2) M.2 PCIe Gen3. X4, NVMe SSD up to 2TB each
  • Up to (16) removable 2.5” 9.5mm Solid State Drives up to 4TB
  • Up to (2) fixed mount 2.5” 9.5mm Solid State Drives up to 4TB
RAID Optional: Onboard SATA RAID 0/1/5/10, or via add-on PCIe 12G RAID high performance controller options. Our specialty includes optimization for sustained write, video switching ISO recording, and data recording. See systems engineering services section above.
Operating systems

Windows 10 64 Bit Pro, Windows Server, CentOS, Red Hat and other Linux distributions, VMWare vSphere. We also can optimize the OS installation and settings for your use case

Power options (including for dual GPU)
  • 680W Gold Plus acoustically quiet PSU
  • Optional internal 460W/24V DC nominal (19V-36V DC range) power supply
Minimized acoustics noise

Acoustically quiet system/PSU fans. See custom systems engineering services below to help tune your application specific solution to minimize acoustics noise but support the ambient temperature range of your requirement within our general temperature range specification. Performance-acoustics-thermally stability balancing is our specialty.

Environmental use case benefits

Based on typical configurations. Custom configuration results may vary:

  • Inner chassis shock mounted within an outer steel chassis with external corner rubber bumpers and ease of access for service and removability of hard drives
  • Operating: 0°C–40°C / 32°F–104°F. Non-Operating: -20°C–70°C, -4°F–158°F.
  • Relative humidity (5-95%) non-condensing
  • Shock: Mechanical shock: ≤10g, 11ms, Terminal sawtooth, operating; Transit shock: 18” drop
  • Vibration: ≤0.04g2/Hz, 20Hz–1,000Hz; -6dB/octive 1,000Hz–2,000Hz
Regulations FCC Class A, and CE. Certified TUV, ROHS
Small physical size and lightweight design
  • 8.67” (220.22mm) D x 19.18” (487.17mm) W x 16.55” (420.37mm) H
  • Weight: ~ 48lbs. (21.77kg), depending on configuration
Optional carrying cases for deploy-ability
  • Soft carrying case
  • Mil-Spec transport hard case with telescoping handle and wheels (TSA compliant) with CNC milled foam with specific density material for shock/vibration, pressure sealed, lockable
  • Lunch box size hard case for secure storage of up to (16) removable SSD/carrier assemblies with removable inner insert for security tape wrapping, lockable
Warranty 1 year parts and labor. 2nd and 3rd year warranty options


Datasheet (PDF)

Vigor EDS Datasheet

Speak to a Sales Engineer

Speak to a Sales Engineer

Speak to a Sales Engineer

Additional Services


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