Unique Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Don’t settle for generic computer solutions that are not designed to run your high-end applications. Whether you’re looking for a more powerful laptop alternative, a more compact server solution for a space-restricted rack, or a smaller workstation for your limited workspace, NextComputing has developed a unique range of ultra high-performance solutions for your industry-specific needs.

custom-designed computing appliances

Custom Designed OEM Appliances

Looking to create something completely new? Let us work with you to build solutions not just with top-of-the-line components, but in a form factor unique to you. We’ll work with you every step of the way from concept to design to manufacturing.

live video solutions

Live Production Platforms

NextComputing combines specially-designed hardware platforms and versatile live production switcher software. The result is the most versatile, powerful, all-in-one solution for professional quality live video production.

high-performance portable computer workstations

Portable and Rugged Workstations

Our portable computer systems are the perfect replacement for a performance-starved or I/O-limited notebook, or to reduce the strain and headaches of transporting large, bulky servers and workstations.

high-performance tower-style computer workstations

Tower Workstations

Professional applications demand ever-increasing system capabilities. With NextComputing’s powerful, versatile tower workstations, you’ve made an investment in the performance you need now, and in the future

high-density rackmount server systems

Short-Depth Rackmounts

Where typical servers are simply too large or can’t perform as you expect them to, our high-performance servers and dense rackmount workstations will give your applications a boost, while taking up as little physical space as possible.