The hardware required to create and distribute high-quality video content in real time continues to evolve, but that advancement comes with a higher price and more required space. For applications such as live streaming or broadcast graphics creation, your ability to work is limited by your budget and, especially in the case of mobile production vehicles, the amount of workspace you have available.

Recognizing these unique needs of live production in the studio and on the road, NextComputing workstations are designed to offer maximum performance at a competitive price, all within a compact deployable chassis with integrated display for working wherever you need to be.

If space isn’t what limits your workflow, we also offer a selection of tower and rack-mount form factors that utilize our unique, powerful system architecture. All NextComputing systems are available with the latest, most powerful processors, GPUs, and storage configurations to suit any need.

compact portable workstations
high-end tower workstations
rackmount systems
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Use NextComputing Solutions For

Live Streaming

With more video being viewed online every day, content creators and distributors are looking for new ways to engage the audience with unique web content without a huge technology investment. Although dedicated hardware switchers and encoders can produce great quality, their lack of flexibility and streaming capability are often barriers to entry for many producers. NextComputing's portable workstations and rackmount appliances offer the same capability as larger systems but in smaller, lighter packages — perfect for live event production from any location.

Click the image below to view an example multi-camera production workflow involving the Radius Live.

Radius Live production workflow
live HD encoding and streaming
  • Corporate webcasting, such as executive briefings and training
  • Lecture or presentation capture for conferences or schools
  • Multi-camera event production, such as sporting events or concerts
  • Religious sermon production and streaming
Broadcast Graphics (Character Generation)

Real-time broadcast graphics require high-end computer hardware such as powerful graphics cards, video I/O cards, and very fast processors – hardware that is typically only found in large tower workstations or bulky rackmount servers. However, smaller, lighter systems often make sense for fast-paced production situations where hardware must be moved around to different event locations. Instead of shipping unwieldy workstations and hoping they survive the trip in one piece, consolidate your hardware down to a convenient compact / portable workstation without sacrificing performance.

For stationary environments where portability isn't a concern our powerful tower and rackmount workstations offer better functionality than a commodity workstation. Our rackmount systems also feature redundant power supplies, flexible I/O, and hot-swappable hard drives for a truly purpose-built live broadcasting solution.

broadcast graphics and character generation
  • Sports clock and score systems
  • Telestration and game enhancements
  • Election coverage
  • Virtual sets
  • News graphics

Combined Solutions

Workstations for Aximmetry 3D Software
Aximmetry 3D Workstations

Aximmetry is an all-in-one virtual studio and 3D graphics software for use with NextComputing and Livestream Studio appliances.

workstations optimized for vMix Live Production & Streaming Software
vmix Workstations

Regardless of the form-factor, NextComputing’s systems can be customized to meet and exceed vMix Reference System designs, and are backed by our knowledgeable, US-based technical support team.

workstations optimized for Telestream Wirecast live video streaming software
Telestream Wirecast Workstations

The right hardware is critical for getting the most from the Telestream Wirecast. With such an advanced suite of software features, you’ll want a NextComputing system for the smoothest, lag-free experience no matter what you throw at it.

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