More performance, more flexibility, more features — less space

Powered by our innovative modular architecture, our short-depth, high-density rackmount platforms provide enterprise-class server computing in smaller spaces than traditional hardware. Whether you perform 3D rendering, military simulation, video encoding, or a host of other tasks, we can help you design a rackmount solution that maximizes performance per cubic inch, and gives you the peace of mind that only NextComputing’s in-house engineering and industry expertise can offer.

high-density rackmount server systems


  • NextStation-TR – Built from the ground up to utilize AMD’s newest Ryzen Threadripper processors and TRX40 motherboard. Processors offering this extreme level of performance demand a unique system configuration, and this kind of intelligent engineering is what NextComputing does best.
high-density rackmount server systems


  • NextStation-X – Its short 12” depth and rack mount options for front I-O access or rear I-O access make it ideal for M&E production and live event use cases including broadcast trucks or other vehicles. It is ideal to use as a workstation with PCI Express I-O for on-set production rendering, encoding, graphics editing, color correction, streaming, ISO recording, and more.
high-density rackmount server systems


  • NextServer-X – A modular, purpose-built, high-performance, small form factor workstation and server ideal for SAAS or solution providers who need compact, versatile hardware for demanding applications
high-density rackmount server systems

Nucleus 2U

  • Nucleus 2U – A unique form factor for high-performance computing in limited spaces. The 2U height and short, 17” rack depth make it an ideal fit for small racks or for easy transit wherever you need it to be.
high-density rackmount server systems

Nucleus 1U

  • Nucleus 1U – A sleek, compact, high-performance system designed for appliance, workstation, or server use in a variety of environments.
high-density rackmount server systems

Nucleus Front/Rear IO

High-performance 3U workstation/server system features dense processing and a shallow, 20-inch rack depth for space limited environments. Front panel connectivity is ideal for military vehicle systems or telco servers.

  • Nucleus Front I/O – Front panel connectivity is ideal for military vehicle systems or telco servers.
  • Nucleus Rear I/O – Traditional back panel I/O access allows for integration into existing hardware infrastructure.
high-density rackmount server systems

Nucleus Capture

High-speed data recording, processing, and I/O capabilities for developers of packet capture, data acquisition, and network forensics solutions.

  • Nucleus Capture 20×2 – featuring 20 front-accessible 2.5″ SATA, SAS, or Solid State hard drives, up to 2TB each