nextcomputing-logo-med-300x122NextComputing is a computer hardware manufacturer specializing in high-performance portable and “small-footprint” systems for customers in a variety of markets.

Our systems are used in a range of industries to run high-end applications, including network traffic analysis, real-time broadcast graphics, military intelligence gathering, and 3D medical imaging.

In addition to our unique products, we offer a complete suite of services that can add value to your business: whether it’s enhancing your system with eye-catching colors and logos, managing complex hardware configurations and changes with our in-house manufacturing processes, helping you bring your products to market more quickly by assisting with software testing and new product introduction, or personalized support for your specific application, NextComputing can be your one-stop manufacturing and support partner to help your business grow.


Founded in 1999 by President and CTO, Bob Labadini, NextComputing started as a supplier of Sun SPARC and Solaris portable servers and workstations to primarily government and military customers. We soon began to design and produce Solaris and Linux portable systems based on the x86/64-bit architecture, beginning with AMD’s Opteron™ processors and adding the Intel® Xeon® family soon after.

Seeing a need in the portable computing market for higher-performance systems, we released the NextDimension high-end portable in 2005. The years since have seen us grow and evolve to meet the needs of both commercial and government customers in a variety of markets. We’ve since developed new portable solutions, rugged portables, and high-density rackmount systems that offer extreme performance in limited space, and our unique architecture and modular systems design approach has allowed us to rapidly adapt to changing market needs.