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The perfect VR development combo

NextComputing systems, coupled with CANVAS 360™ Pro by Torus Media Labs, make it easy to jump into the world of 360˚ VR video without leaving the tools you already know. Whether you want a portable all-in-one system like the Edge D100 or Radius Live, or a powerhouse tower workstation such as the Edge XT, NextComputing has the right system for creative content development.

CANVAS 360 Pro is revolutionizing VR as a workflow inside of Adobe After Effects, enabling users to composite 360˚ footage / renders together with traditional After Effects layers and non-360˚ footage / renders. Built on a complex architecture under the hood, it offers a surprisingly simple and coherent interface to make ease of almost any 360˚ task. The workflow is complete with highly customized tools that work seamlessly alongside After Effects’ powerful motion graphics & compositing tools.

360 VR SkiCross Teaser -
Stabilized with CANVAS 360 Pro

Software Used:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • TML CANVAS 360 Pro
  • Andersson SynthEyes

Hardware Used:

  • NextComputing Edge T100 workstation
  • Intel i-7 6900K 3.20GHz 8-core CPU
  • AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100
  • 64GB Memory

CANVAS 360™ Pro by Torus Media Labs

  • Full 10K canvas within Adobe After Effects
  • 3D camera tracking and 360° stabilization
  • 360° compositing
  • Optimal with Maxon Cinema 4D for 3D modeling

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Workstations by NextComputing

  • High performance VR workstations
  • Form factors include desktop, portable desktop, and portable all-in-one with built in HD display
  • Optimized for your CANVAS 360 VR workflow

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