Developing 3D content for VR

A seamless VR experience is driven by frame rates; frame rates are driven by powerful processing. A powerful CPU improves overall system performance, but dedicated graphics processing is the technology that has enabled VR to advance to its current state. High-frame-rate performance from a graphics card translates into smoother and more realistic VR experiences for the developer and the viewer.

In the end, professional VR development is only enabled by workstation-class computing. Workstations by NextComputing are configured with all the requisite performance needed to run the latest VR applications now and in the future with a laser focus on throughput architecture and rigorous internal testing.

compact portable workstations
high-end tower workstations
custom systems

Our Systems are Optimized For

Autodesk VRED

Autodesk Maya

Maxon Cinema 4D


Epic Games Unreal Engine

EON Reality


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