Studio One OBS

Powerfully simple live streaming, featuring Open Broadcaster Software
Studio One OBS from NextComputing is an easy-to-use, reliable, compact switcher and encoder with mighty processing power and versatile OBS Studio by Open Broadcaster Software. Stream up to 4K resolution, from two 4K inputs or four HD inputs (HDMI or SDI).

HDMI 4K Edition$3,650 msrp
(4 x HDMI 4K inputs/1 x HDMI 4K or SDI 6G output)

SDI - HD Edition$3,650 msrp
(4 x SDI 3G inputs/1 x HDMI or SDI output)

SDI 4K Edition$3,995 msrp
(4 x SDI 4K inputs/1 x HDMI 4K or SDI 6G output)

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Download the Livestream Studio One Datasheet

Download the Studio One OBS Datasheet

Pre-installed with Open Broadcaster Software
2x 1/4" analog audio outputs
2x 1/4" analog audio inputs

Hardware accelerated encoding and decoding


2.5GB LAN + Wi-Fi 6

Storage for hours of broadcast quality recording
Front panel USB/headphone
Runs Windows 11
Import social comments directly into your stream as graphics

Also available is the Studio One OBS hard case for transporting your system and accessories. The hard case is TSA compliant for carry-on and has retractable handle and wheels. As your Sales Engineer for more information.

21.89" L x 13.98" W x 9" D


OBS Studio 29 Release Notes

New Features and Additions

  • Added support for streaming AV1/HEVC over Enhanced RTMP [YouTube/yuriy-chunak/derrod]
    • Enhanced RTMP V1 extends the RTMP protocol to support newer video codecs and HDR. More info at:
    • Currently only supported by/enabled for YouTube as a beta feature
    • HDR is not yet implemented
  • Added support for multiple audio tracks in Simple output recording [pkv]
  • Added a DLL blocking feature for Windows. This allows OBS to block problematic DLLs from attaching to OBS and causing freezing or crashes, for example 3rd party overlay hooks and outdated video capture devices. [notr1ch]
    • This blocks old versions of popular VTubing software virtual cameras that are known to cause freezes when accessing video capture device properties. If you are affected, please update to the latest version of your VTubing software.
  • Added settings to select the audio encoder for streaming and recording [tytan652]
  • Added an option to preload media sources used in Stingers to memory, to avoid frame skips during transitions [Jim]
  • Added Update Channels on macOS and updated Sparkle for smaller and faster updates going forward [derrod]
  • Added compatibility notices in the Window and Game Capture sources for Windows [derrod]
  • Added the ability to zoom browser docks with Ctrl - and + and the right click menu [WizardCM]
  • Added a setting to record in fragmented MP4 and MOV formats [derrod]
    • These offer greater compatibility than MKV while providing similar resilience against data loss due to crashes, running out of space, etc.
    • Fragmented MP4 and MOV files can be remuxed to regular MP4/MOV in cases where the former may not be read correctly (e.g. in older editing software)
  • Added support for surround sound for AJA capture cards [paulh-aja]
  • Added ProRes 4444 (XQ) support for VideoToolbox encoder on macOS [jpark37]
  • Added lossless audio recording options (FLAC/ALAC/PCM including 32-bit float) [derrod]
  • Added indicator if an audio source is unmuted, but not assigned to any audio tracks [derrod]
  • Added AMD AV1 encoder to simple output mode [notr1ch]