Innovative Solutions for High-Demand Applications

Our customers are diverse and their applications are very specific — from broadcasting to test and measurement, from medical imaging to the military. For these kinds of critical applications, the industry’s typical cookie cutter solutions just don’t cut it because there are too many compromises — whether form factor, performance, or flexibility.

Our technology enables us to more easily and cost-effectively create high-performance, dense computing solutions that are modular, portable and easily customized to your exact needs regardless of industry or application.

Learn more about the leading edge technology we leverage in our innovative products:

data streaming

Data Streaming

Capture and retrieve information in real-time with high-performance hardware and massive storage potential

portable computing

Portable Computing

Take high-performance applications out of the office by leveraging our incredibly compact designs

dense computing

Dense Computing

Portable or rackmount systems; get more computing power in a small footprint

powerful processing

Powerful Processing

The latest processors from Intel provide a variety of special features designed to maximize performance



Visualize complex sets of data using our integrated HD displays, add-on displays and the latest graphics cards from NVIDIA

PCI Express expansion

PCI Expansion

More input/output options for maximum performance and easy upgrading via full-length, full-height PCI Express cards