Compact, powerful computers for digital video production

Digital video productionCreating compelling content requires tools that enable the creative process, not tie you down. Whether you’re shooting a feature film, editing a documentary, conducting a live webcast, or producing a sporting event, you need technology that is reliable, proven, and easy to use.

NextComputing’s products are designed for the needs of professional content producers. Now you can replace that aging workstation or lackluster laptop with a more robust system, backed by a company that understands your challenges and knows how to overcome them.

Applications like Cinema 4D, Autodesk 3DS MAX, MAYA, and Adobe Creative Cloud excel at what they do when they’ve got the best hardware to back it up. NextComputing portables offer just that. Options include the latest workstation-class processors from Intel, memory up to 256GB, expansion slots for full-size PCI Express graphics cards, a variety of storage options featuring high-speed Solid State Drives, and display ports for using multiple external displays.

Case Study: Sports Broadcast

Case Study: A Customized Sports Broadcast Solution

Case Study: PSAV Presentation Recording and Streaming

Case Study: PSAV Streamlines Presentation Recording and Streaming

Introducing the Radius Live

The latest addition to NextComputing’s line of portable workstations is specifically tailored to broadcast and media applications. Like other Radius portables, it offers full-size PCIe expansion slots and massive storage capabilities to meet the needs of your most demanding applications. The Radius Live also offers:

Low-noise fans and a quiet power supply for noise-sensitive production environments
integrated 5.25″ bay option for expansion devices like LTO tape drives, removable SSD carriers, camera card readers, and additional hard drives

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Radius Live media application station

Use NextComputing Solutions For

Broadcast Graphics (Character Generation)

Real-time broadcast graphics require high-end computer hardware such as powerful graphics cards, video I/O cards, and very fast processors – hardware that is typically only found in large tower workstations or bulky rackmount servers. However, smaller, lighter systems often make sense for fast-paced production situations where hardware must be moved around to different event locations. Instead of shipping unwieldy workstations and hoping they survive the trip in one piece, consolidate your hardware down to a convenient portable workstation without sacrificing performance.

For stationary environments where portability isn’t a concern our space-saving rackmount workstations offer better functionality than a typical workstation in a fraction of the space. Systems like our Nucleus rackmount systems also feature redundant power supplies, flexible I/O, and hot-swappable hard drives for a truly purpose-built live broadcasting solution.

broadcast graphics and character generation
  • Sports clock and score systems
  • Telestration and game enhancements
  • Election coverage
  • Virtual sets
  • News graphics

Live Switching & Encoding

With more video being viewed online every day, content creators and distributors are looking for new ways to engage the audience with unique web content without a huge technology investment. Although dedicated hardware switchers and encoders can produce great quality, their lack of flexibility and streaming capability are often barriers to entry for many producers. NextComputing’s portable workstations offer the same capability as larger systems but in smaller, lighter packages — perfect for live event production from any location.

To view an example multi-camera production workflow involving the Radius Live, click here.

live HD encoding and streaming
  • Corporate webcasting, such as executive briefings and training
  • Lecture or presentation capture for conferences or schools
  • Multi-camera event production, such as sporting events or concerts
  • Religious sermon production and streaming

Digital Film Production

Digital video workflows are now a reality whether you’re producing a television series or a feature film. Productions are challenged with how to reliably handle the huge amount of camera data created by the latest digital cameras, while ensuring that the footage is backed up and prepared for post-production. As a result, the roles of DITs and data wranglers have become critical in guaranteeing a smooth transition from production to post.

Cinematographers are also leveraging the immediacy of digital cinema technology by being able to review shots and create dailies with burned-in looks, all before ever leaving the set. NextComputing’s portable workstations make it easier to do this on-set by offering the kind of performance you would expect from a high-end workstation in smaller, more integrated systems.

on-set data management and dailies
  • On-set camera file backup and archiving
  • Color correction and grading
  • Uncompressed direct-to-disk recording and playback
  • Multi-format dailies creation
  • Virtual production and previz


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