TeraBox FPGA Data Recorders

Extreme Density Standard-Depth FPGA Data Recorders

At the extreme of FPGA server density, the TeraBox 1411B/1412B give the highest level of compute and network capability in a 1U chassis. The TeraBox 1411B/1412B support two FPGA cards along with 4 removeable storage drives. These innovative products support PCIe Gen4 and feature an AMD EPYC or Intel Xeon processor in a standard rack depth chassis.
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Key Features

Up to 16 QSFP-DDs for
32× 100 G or 128× 10/25G
4 FPGAs in a standard-depth
1U server
Support for BittWare’s full range of FPGA cards (including standard height, double slot)

Chassis Key Specs

TeraBox 1411B

TeraBox 1412B


1U depth, 28.25 in (71.75 cm)


(1) AMD EPYC 7002 Series Processor

(1) Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Processor


2x RJ45 10G base-T by Intel® X550-AT2, 1x RJ45 Dedicated IPMI LAN port by RTL8211E




2x M.2 drives, 4x Removable U.2 NVMe drives

Slots 2x front panel PCIe Gen4 x16
Power Power supply: 1+1 AC 1300W, 110/220V
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TeraBox 1411B/1412B

  • BittWare FPGA Cards

    The TeraBox 1411B/1412B support up to two dual-slot BittWare PCIe FPGA cards. Choose from a variety of cards based on the Agilex, Speedster 7t, Stratix 10, or UltraScale+ FPGAs. System specs will vary greatly, depending on the FPGA card you select.

  • BittWare 1U Data Recorder

    The TeraBox 1411B/1412B data recorders are the ideal platform to unleash the energy-efficient acceleration of BittWare’s FPGA cards. These FPGA-optimized 1U servers deliver unrivaled performance density and value for a range of compute-intensive applications. These systems are assembled in the USA, are TAA compliant, and offer a 3-year warranty.

  • The TeraBox Advantage

    Choosing a TeraBox FPGA server means knowing you are getting a pre-configured and tested solution. This includes setup and installation of your FPGA cards and associated hardware, your choice of operating system, and development tools. Your TeraBox arrives ready for use—giving your team more time for development and deployment.

BittWare Cards Available with TeraBox


S7t-VG6 — VectorPath Accelerator Card

The S7t-VG6 VectorPath accelerator card offers a 7nm Achronix FPGA that is optimized for high-speed networking and fast, high-capacity memory access. Featuring a QSFP-DD (double-density) cage, the board supports up to 1x 400GbE or 4x 100GbE using the 56G PAM4-enabled Speedster®7t device. An additional QSFP port supports 2x 100GbE, and a 4x MCIO connector supports NVMe attached storage. Sixteen channels of GDDR6 graphics DRAM handle high-bandwidth memory requirements, providing up to 512GB/s.

The FPGA offers large logic and memory resources—up to 692K 6-input lookup tables (LUTs), and 189 Mb embedded RAM. It also provides 2,560 MLPs (machine-learning blocks).

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520N-MX — Stratix 10 FPGA Board with 16GB HBM2

Designed for compute acceleration, the 520N-MX is a PCIe board featuring Intel’s Stratix 10 MX2100 FPGA with integrated HBM2 memory. The size and speed of HBM2 (16GB at up to 512GB/s) enables acceleration of memory-bound applications. The board’s 100G QSFP28s are ideal for clustering, and OCuLink connectors allow expansion.

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IA-840F — Enterprise-Class Intel Agilex Based FPGA Accelerator

The new Intel Agilex FPGAs are more powerful, draw less power and add I/O features like PCIe Gen4.

  • 2nd-Generation HyperFlex Architecture: Up to 40 percent higher performance or up to 40 percent lower total power compared with Stratix 10 FPGAs.
  • DSP Innovation: Supports hardened BFLOAT16 and up to 40 teraflops of digital signal processor (DSP) performance (FP16).
  • Advanced memory support: Up to 128GBytes of DDR4 SDRAM memory.

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XUP-VV8 — UltraScale+ FPGA PCIe Board

The XUP-VV8 offers a large Xilinx FPGA in a 3/4-length PCIe board featuring QSFP-DD (double-density) cages for maximum port density. Using the Virtex UltraScale+ VU13P or VU9P FPGA, the board supports up to 8x 100GbE or 32x 10/25GbE.

The FPGA provides large logic and memory resources—up to 3.8M logic cells and 455Mb embedded memory. The board also provides a jitter cleaner to support synchronous ethernet. The board can be configured as single width for users who don’t need external memory on the DIMMs.

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