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Don’t settle for generic computer solutions that are not designed to run your high-end applications. Whether you’re looking for a more powerful laptop alternative, a more compact server solution for a space-restricted rack, or a smaller workstation for your limited workspace, NextComputing has developed a unique range of ultra high-performance solutions for your industry-specific needs.

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At NextComputing we work with you to understand what your computing needs are, but we also have expertise in numerous industries, which further helps us develop the right solutions for you. Click here to start exploring some industry-specific NextComputing solutions.

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Your Needs

No matter where you work, you may be looking for solutions based on certain must-have features. Start here and find out what makes NextComputing systems unique, and let us help you build your new system around your specific requirements.



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A NextComputing Sales Engineer is available by phone or email to answer any questions and to help you build the perfect solution for your specific requirements.