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Streaming a Zoom Meeting with Livestream Studio Appliances (3/25/2020) - Make virtual meetings and live video easy Whether you’re planning an internal all-hands customer meetup or an industry conference, virtual events with Zoom can help you stay connected with your employees and customers, even if you can’t bring them all to the same place. Zoom also lets you pull together other experts using a Zoom Window within your live video ... Read More
The Pivot to Virtual Events in 2020 (3/20/2020) - From Vimeo’s blog post “Faced with the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many professionals are looking to mitigate the impact it may have on them and those around them in the weeks and months ahead. “As domestic and international travel is increasingly limited and more communities practice social distancing, organizations worldwide are rethinking their events, both internal and ... Read More
NVIDIA-Based Data Science Workstations (3/19/2020) - NextComputing’s NVIDIA-based Data Science Workstations dramatically accelerate data analytics and time to insights, enabling breakthrough data preparation, model development and training performance. These powerful workstations can aid in the advancement of medicine and research enabling scientists to tackle interoperable data development of AI-based intelligent applications unique to their workflows and accelerate areas like image analysis, scientific research, and drug discovery.  ... Read More