Creating and editing immersive 360 video

Immersive video is being used to create innovative, award-winning content across a many industries. Viewers using a variety of devices (VR headsets, mobile phones, desktop computers) can access 180° or 360° video for new experiences in broadcast, journalism, education and engineering.

In order to produce seamless immersive experiences, developers need powerful hardware. In addition to an omnidirectional camera, a powerful computer is needed for managing video quality and stitching footage together.

NextComputing workstations are built with the graphics and processing horsepower needed for your VR capture, streaming, and post-production workflow. They can handle every step from ingesting high-quality footage from your camera, to stitching footage together to create the 3D video experience.

compact portable workstations
high-end tower workstations
custom systems

Combined Solutions

Samsung 360 Round Camera

NextComputing offers turnkey systems for live production and post-production with the Samsung 360 Round. Now you can produce smooth 360 VR content from anywhere with confidence.

Imeve Live 360 Stitching Software

Realize the full potential of Imeve Live software with a powerful, pre-configured 360 VR production system, optimized, bundled and ready to go. Our workstations are incredibly small, making them ideal for traveling events and working on-set.

Voysys VR Producer

Portable or rack-mount stitching appliances with Voysys VR Producer enable live stitching of multiple camera rigs on a single open architecture for future resolution and frame-rate upgrades as more powerful GPUs and I/O cards emerge.

Torus CANVAS 360 Pro

NextComputing and CANVAS 360 Pro offer an all-in-one package that enables users to composite 360˚ footage / renders together with traditional After Effects layers and non-360˚ footage / renders.

Assimilate SCRATCH
VR Suite

With Assimilate, developers of the SCRATCH suite of production tools, and Z CAM, makers of high-quality and affordable 360 cameras, we offer a turnkey system for professional 360 VR production.


Our Systems are Optimized For
Live VR and Post-Production VR Apps

Torus Media Labs CANVAS 360™

Adobe After Effects


Autodesk VRED

Autodesk Maya

Maxon Cinema 4D

Adobe Premiere Pro

Avid Media Composer


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