Aximmetry is an all-in-one virtual studio and 3D graphics software for the broadcast and entertainment industries, deploying the performance of the newest generation video cards using single-PC technology. It is an excellent front-end platform for use with NextComputing and Livestream Studio appliances.

Aximmetry’s ambition is to make high-end, broadcast quality virtual studio software technology accessible to all, small TV stations, YouTube Creators and Vloggers included. Using the software, professional content with advanced real-time 3D graphics can be produced even from a living room.

Aximmetry for Virtual Studios

  • Advanced 3D graphics: HDR, Depth of Field, shadows, reflections, refraction
  • Highly flexible node-based graphics programming interface
  • High level of interactivity and real-time controllability
  • Construction of interactive scenes / effects using a node-based logic
  • Scalable: multiple video cards or hardware can be operated under one system, each assigned a different task
  • Support audience interaction via second screen devices
  • Receiving depth information for realistic mixing of real and virtual elements
  • All-in-one solution: No need to buy separate modules and extensions for chroma keyer, 2D graphics, 3D virtual studio, video wall display, projection - the software includes all of them
  • Open system to integrate any studio tracking device
  • Accessible price point, great value proposition
  • 4K - SDI input / output

Workflow with
Livestream Studio

Aximmetry can also be a valuable addition to your Livestream Studio workflow.

  • Utilize a system with Aximmetry to capture camera data into a virtual or augmented reality set, as well as handle all the mixing and compositing.
  • Then send that output as a single combined stream or separate signals for each camera to a Livestream Studio system for professional quality live streaming.
Diagram of Aximmetry Livestream workflow
(click to enlarge)

Utilize Unreal Engine

Aximmetry DE (dual engine) edition adds the power of Unreal Engine to your workflow. This edition allows skilled Unreal Engine 4 users to utilize their content for virtual studios.

NextComputing systems configured for Aximmetry also deliver the power you need for a smooth Unreal Engine experience; giving you the best of both worlds.

I am extremely glad to have the opportunity to partner with NextComputing in the USA. We know we can rely on their solid expertise in providing turnkey virtual studio solutions and services to support our clients in the broadcast market.
Orsolya Dormon, Aximmetry COO

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Systems Optimized for Aximmetry

  • Nucleus 3U – with Aximmetry Broadcast Software

    $22,569.00 Add to cart

    Available to ship 2 weeks after receipt of order

  • Edge XTa – with Aximmetry Broadcast Software

    $19,995.00 Add to cart

    Available to ship 2 weeks after receipt of order

  • Edge D100 – with Aximmetry Broadcast Software

    $23,295.00 Add to cart

    Available to ship 2 weeks after receipt of order

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