ODM / OEM Appliances

Your brand, software, concept, design / build team;
our perfect appliance solution.


We understand the challenges faced by technology providers to build their solutions from concept to ready-to-ship product. For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs), software developers (ISVs) and service providers, NextComputing offers services to bring your vision to life.

At NextComputing, we custom design/build hardware system solutions with optimized performance and fast time to market across a wide range of industries. We have years of experience in designing, deploying and managing under configuration control complete custom appliances to turn your solution into a performance optimized, purpose built appliance or product family


Original Equipment Manufacturers


Are you looking for a completely new high-performance computing platform designed for your specific requirements? Let NextComputing build your solution with top-of-the-line components and in a form factor unique to you. We'll work with you every step of the way from concept to engineering to manufacturing.

NextComputing offers expert OEM services for enterprise / workstation-class computing and custom I/O across many industries. Whether you want to provide your customers with compact, all-in-one tools for live streaming video from any location, or you need a proprietary fly-away kit for your specific network security needs, we will work with you to build your perfect solution.

NextComputing can design / build rugged workstations to meet MIL specifications, including 810E/901E/167, cost effectively and with agility. Our fast development time supports agile deployments consistent with Other Transaction Authority (OTA (10 U.S.C. 4021) of the Department of Defense (DoD). We apply a similar process to prototypes, research, and production projects for systems integrators, OEMS and government OTA systems. Our expertise in deployable high performance rugged customized systems can be brought to production and deployed quickly and reliably.

Original Design Manufacturer

With a wide variety of high-performance configurations in a range of form factors, NextComputing may already have the perfect solution to meet the needs of your business or your customers. In these cases, we offer original design manufacturer (ODM) or “private labeling,” services to integrate your brand.

  • Parts can be customized with high-quality silkscreens featuring your logo or custom I/O labels for ease of use.
  • Paint colors on parts or entire chassis can be changed to match your brand guidelines.
  • Carrying bags can be stitched with your logo, and rugged travel cases can be labeled with your brand for a consistent visual identity.

Optimized Appliance Solutions

Hardware solutions and services for software developers,
service providers and government contractors

For software developers (ISVs) and service providers, NextComputing offers services to match a wide range of needs:

  • If you have a requirement from 50 to 2000 purpose built appliances, whose requirements are workstation or server class capabilities but with an application specific use
  • If you need something that is more consistent with what you want your brand to be
  • If you want to focus your resources on your software or your services and your customers
  • If your are struggling to get more performance out of your software or open source applications due to system limitations
  • If you want to reduce engineering costs, eliminate or reduce internal production cost overheads, outsource some of your systems engineering, outsource some of your mechanical engineering, move away from in-house fulfillment services, become more nimble in your market, improve cash flow, go to market more quickly, or reduce inventory problems

If any or all of these apply to you, please review the following list of capabilities and contact us to discuss what NextComputing can offer you.

  • A special expertise we offer to software publishers, developers, and open source integrators is to analyze your binary applications and requirements on your current system configuration and evaluate how we can maximize its performance. We do this by identifying system bottlenecks from memory bandwidth, processor core or hyper thread utilization, GPU co-processing, RAID(s) settings/optimizations, disk I-O, PCI Express I-O optimization, network I-O, BIOS optimizations, operating system optimization within Linux / Windows / OVAs/virtualization. Then, after this assessment, we implement an improved solution.
  • We will recommend, implement and test these configuration controlled optimizations, settings and hardware tuning to maximize the performance of your application.
  • As part of an ongoing relationship, our team will work at regular intervals with your software team to suggest code or configuration modifications as well as hardware component road-map updates as part of your continuous performance improvement and cost optimization while managing this under configuration control.
  • We offer ISO imaging services that include functional verification of driver and OS patch release versions to ensure interoperability with your application and I-O cards.
No Minimum volume requirements

  • Private labeling of system and bag

  • Configuration control management for your configurations including BIOS and OS changes and settings, software application installation / testing / tuning and revision control, 3rd party I-O card and management

  • Acoustic noise tuning based on your needs

  • Customization of rugged travel cases for specific accessories

  • Integration of your specific I-O cards and software

For OEMs, ISVs, and integrators selling a service/ appliance

  • Roadmap/EOL management

  • Product platform engineering services

  • Drop shipments and branded packing slips

  • Full 2nd level technical support of 3rd party or customer products

  • Logistics services to re-image/re-fresh systems

  • Create/maintain ISO image for your OS/application and recovery disks

  • Systems engineering services to optimize application(s) for best performance

At certain minimum volumes

  • Platform customization such as specific hardware integration and chassis color/branding

  • Certification services (CE, safety, emissions)

  • Thermal testing

  • Vibration and drop testing

  • Electrical design/build services of I-O or other circuit boards

  • Customized marketing collateral and branded service/setup documentation

  • Systems engineering, production, and service/support so you can optionally go virtual with no-touch on the hardware to reduce costs and increase operating margins

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