Computer workstations for 3D Design and Animation

3D modeling and animation is an essential part of nearly any visual production whether it's VFX, game development, engineering, or creating memorable presentations. In order to quickly produce your best content, you need powerful hardware with fast processors and the latest GPUs to create at the speed of your imagination, without bottlenecks.

NextComputing systems are built with the hardware you need to work quickly and fluidly with your favorite 3D modeling and animation tools. Our computers speed up your process with professional-grade processors from AMD and Intel, multiple high-end graphics cards, and extensive storage; exactly what you need to optimize your creations.

Applications like Cinema 4D, 3DS MAX, and Modo excel at what they do when they’ve got the best hardware to back it up. NextComputing creative workstations offer all of that, plus plenty of style and a competitive price.

compact portable workstations
high-end tower workstations
custom systems

Combined Solutions

workstations for autodesk media collection for design, animation, and rendering
Autodesk Media Workstations

Build the right hardware to keep the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection moving at the speed of your creativity.

workstations for Maxon Cinema 4D for 3D animation
Maxon Cinema 4D Workstations

Whether you want to work with a portable all-in-one system with integrated display, or a sleek, compact tower, all NextComputing systems provide the smoothest experience running Cinema 4D.

Workstations for Foundry Modo 3D modeling, texturing and rendering
Foundry Modo Workstations

Modo performs best on newer, advanced hardware configurations. High-performance NextComputing systems offer the perfect systems to fit these needs.

Multi-GPU workstations for Octane Render
Octane Render Workstations

Special effects and 360 VR workflows with NextComputing systems and OctaneRender GPU-accelerated, unbiased, physically correct render system make it easy to build amazing content.

Workstations for rendering and animating with Luxion Keyshot
Luxion KeyShot Workstations

NextComputing systems support workstation-class processing, storage, and graphics power and have everything you need to leverage the full power of the KeyShot software

High-performance workstations with Wacom tablets
Wacom Cintiq Workstations

Flawless creating anywhere you need to design or display with zero lag. With support for a variety of creation suites, NextComputing systems optimizes the performance of Cintiq pen displays so your creativity flows freely.

Our Systems are Optimized For

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk Maya

Maxon Cinema 4D

Side Effects Houdini

Pixologic ZBrush

Foundry – Mari

Foundry – Modo

MacNeel Rhino