Services for all nextcomputing products

NextComputing offers a variety of services for all of our standard and custom products. With these additional services, you can outsource tasks and let NextComputing handle processes that are not core to your business so you can focus on what you do best.

We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services, regardless of order size. We will work closely with you to tailor configurations to your organization’s specific requirements.

If you are an OEM, we can help you package and private label products as well as bring them to market so you can focus on your core capabilities and maximize return on investment.

  • Reduce Costs

    We are a one-stop-shop for building, validating, and tracking updates for your solution so you can focus on your customers

  • Save Time

    Let us handle configuration management for updates or branching out to new products

  • Generate New Products

    Quickly deploy a variety of turnkey solutions based on our flexible architecture

  • Extend Your Brand

    Put your logo on the system to create your own branded product

  • Focus on Your Strengths

    Out-source tasks to us that are not core to your business so you can focus on what is core to your success

software binary performance optimization services

Software Services

Let us analyze your binary applications and evaluate how to maximize its performance

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Logistics services and appliance pool management

Logistics and Management

Let NextComputing take care of managing your pool of appliance assets

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integration services


Let NextComputing handle the design and production process so you can focus on growing your business

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common architecture

Common Architecture

Quickly deploy a variety of turnkey solutions to meet the needs of your customers

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Configuration management

Configuration Management

Let us take care of managing hardware changes so you can focus on your core competencies.

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Let us help you differentiate your product offerings by applying your corporate brand to a NextComputing platform

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product customization

Product Customization

Learn how we turn our core products into solutions customized for your particular needs.

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Configuration management

Application Support

Look to NextComputing to provide after-sales application support for your users

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testing & certification

Testing & Certification

Let us help you provide your customers with the best quality product

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OEM Services Datasheet

Customization & Services Overview Datasheet