Short-Depth Rackmount and Deployable Edge Computing, Now with AMD EPYC to 128 Cores/256 threads

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The NextStation-TR by NextComputing represents what we do best; a unique system design based on intelligent engineering for extreme performance anywhere you need to be.  Now, there are even more options for building your ideal solution. The NextStation-TR is now available with the 3rd generation AMD EPYC to 64 cores/128 threads and 4th generation AMD EPYC processors up to 128 cores/256 … Read More

High-Performance Portable Workstationwith NVIDIA RTX 4000 Ada Generation

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In recent years, the demand for smaller footprint workstations has been skyrocketing, fueled by an array of factors, including cutting-edge hardware advancements, the extreme miniaturization of components, an increase in remote and mobile workforces, and the need for more energy efficient solutions suited for space available in modern offices and data centers. To meet this growing demand, NextComputing has developed … Read More

Economical Workstation and Deployable Edge Computing Solutions for AI Inference

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This new whitepaper from AMD explores uses cases as well as AMD EPYC processor advancements and performance that benefit AI inference While AI training is extremely data- and processing-intensive, AI inference, where the trained model processes incoming data in real time, can be done economically with off-the-shelf servers equipped with AMD EPYC™ processors. With up to 96 cores per 4th … Read More

Next Generation Performance with the Livestream Studio One 2.0 Appliance

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NextComputing combines specially-designed hardware platforms with Livestream Studio live production switcher software for turnkey end-to-end live video streaming. The result is the most versatile, powerful, all-in-one solution for professional quality live video production. Input multiple feeds, add graphics, master audio, and stream in one robust, easy-to-use package. Livestream Studio One 2.0 is the next generation of easy-to-use, reliable, compact switcher and … Read More

Powerfully simple live streaming, featuring Open Broadcaster Software

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Studio One OBS from NextComputing is an easy-to-use, reliable, compact switcher and encoder with mighty processing power and versatile OBS Studio by Open Broadcaster Software. Stream up to 4K resolution, from two 4K inputs or four HD inputs (HDMI or SDI).  HDMI 4K Edition$3,650 msrp(4 x HDMI 4K inputs/1 x HDMI 4K or SDI 6G output)  SDI – HD Edition$3,650 … Read More

The Best GPUs for Deep Learning

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PhD student from the University of Washington, Luke Zettlemoyer, has written a comprehensive and insightful article on the best GPUs for deep learning. Deep learning is a field with intense computational requirements, and your choice of GPU will fundamentally determine your deep learning experience. When it comes to the most important GPU specs for deep learning processing speed, Tensor Cores … Read More

NextComputing Becomes Exclusive Distribution and Fulfilment Partner for Mobii’s Real-Time Streaming Solutions

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NextComputing Becomes Exclusive Distribution and Fulfilment Partner for Mobii’s one-of-a-kind sub <500 millisecond Ultra Low-Latency Encoders and Real-Time Streaming Solutions Powered by Microblock Technology in North America. Nashua, New Hampshire, April 14, 2023 – NextComputing, a leading provider of innovative computing solutions, is proud to announce that it has signed an agreement with Mobii, a global leader in ultra low-latency … Read More

Now for Rent: Livestream Studio HD550

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The portable, all-in-one Livestream Studio HD550 production switcher is now available for rent in 2-month increments. The package includes the HD550, Livestream Studio keyboard, mouse, and rugged travel case for easy shipping and transportation.  Now you can easily utilize the Livestream Studio HD550 for short-term jobs or on a trial basis to find out if it’s right for your workflow.  … Read More

Trade-In Credit on Livestream Systems

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Beginning with NAB 2023 and through the end of May 2023, NextComputing will offer trade-in credit for any age and model Livestream Studio system.  Receive 25% off the purchase of a new Livestream Studio HD550, HD550-4K, or Livestream Studio HD51, HD51-4K or Livestream Studio HD1710. Contact us today to discuss your trade in!