Stunning Visuals, Anywhere You Need to Be

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As a digital content creator, think about the capabilities you have when you’re away from your workstation. Does a laptop provide the horsepower you need to be fully operational from anywhere? Have you ever had to move your entire workstation in order to work from a different location?

NextComputing designs unique and exclusive high-performance portable systems with workstation-class components and an integrated HD display. Whether you need to give a smooth visual demo at a client’s location, work from different places for convenience, or just need maximum performance in limited space, NextComputing portables give you the power to setup quickly and work with the most demanding applications from anywhere.

Applications like Cinema 4D, Autodesk 3DS MAX, MAYA, and Adobe Creative Cloud excel at what they do when they’ve got the best hardware to back it up. NextComputing portables like the Radius Edge offer just that. Options include the latest workstation-class processors from Intel, memory up to 256GB, expansion slots for full-size PCI Express graphics cards, a variety of storage options featuring high-speed Solid State Drives, and display ports for using multiple external displays.

If you want more flexibility, or you’re curious about how to revolutionize your digital content workflow, you owe it to yourself to explore the solutions that NextComputing has to offer.

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