Portable Power — From Desktop to Carry-on

Take workstation and server performance with you wherever you go — in the field, on the road, or at home — with NextComputing’s line of high-performance portable workstations.

Whether you’re streaming HD graphics on-site at a championship game, testing aeronautics on-board a stealth fighter, reviewing diagnostic images at home, or demonstrating the powerful features of high-end software in a client’s boardroom, our powerful and compact portable computers can handle any task you throw at them — with the convenience of grab-it-and-go mobility.

Radius, high-performance portable computer workstations


The Radius series of “flextop” portable computers is designed for professional users who need more power and flexibility than a laptop, yet in a transportable package. Featuring a completely expandable and upgradeable architecture based on the industry’s latest off-the-shelf technology, Radius systems can be configured to meet your needs at costs that rival high-end notebooks, but unlike a notebook are guaranteed not to become obsolete.

  • Radius – Lightweight, 4-slot portable workstation or server
  • Radius Live – portable media application station with integrated media bay
  • Radius EDS – massive storage for high-speed data management
  • Radius EDS Plus – maximum performance, storage, and flexible power
  • Radius TR – Portable workstation with the AMD Ryzen Threadripper processor