Studio One EDU: Powerfully simple live production for education institutions

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NextComputing, designers of innovative, incredibly small appliances for live video streaming, is pleased to announce the new Studio One EDU end-to-end video streaming platform and service for educational institutions including K-12 schools, colleges, universities, graduate programs, and community colleges.

Studio One EDU is an easy-to-use, reliable, compact switcher and encoder (only 11 inches wide) with mighty processing power. It gives administrators, professors, teachers and students the capabilities to produce video morning announcements, administration and class updates, school events and, with the included Vimeo Premium plan, allows streaming to a restricted access groups managed by the school through its security access control capabilities for privacy protection and management consistent with school policies.

“NextComputing has had a long-term partnership with Livestream to produce innovative streaming solutions, and now with Vimeo we can offer an easy-to-use, all-in-one live video production switching and streaming package centered around Livestream Studio and Vimeo’s Premium streaming subscription platform,” says Bob Labadini, CTO of NextComputing. “The Studio One EDU solution is available through the B&H B2B for e-Procurement platform and p-card enabled checkout portals for higher education and K-12 schools.”

James Page, Director of Business Development / Live Solutions at Vimeo says “Video is one of the most effective communication tools and it will become a critical skill in tomorrow’s workplace. Enabling schools with cost-effective access to video production technology will prepare children, high school students, community college / trade school students, college and even graduate students for the future as well as unlocking the content they create to their communities and relatives far and wide though the Vimeo platform.”

George Kalemkeridis, Business Development Manager for Education Institutions at B&H Photo, Video & Pro Audio, relates “The B&H B2B for K-12 delivers fast, easy service and great pricing. We provide a personal account team for order processing, customer service and unique requests. Additionally, hundreds of advanced learning institutions across the USA rely on B&H B2B e-Procurement for their technology needs. We are excited to add the Studio One EDU end-to-end video streaming platform and service.”

Applications and Benefits to your school

  • Morning announcements: Broadcast to your campus daily with the latest school news and updates with administration, teacher or student talent in front of and behind the camera
  • Broadcast/media, acting/music, video production clubs and general curriculum support: Provide an opportunity to grab that interest and expose students to emerging technologies and processes used every day in support of school STEM curriculum while enabling practical, real-world skills that can directly lead to numerous careers and local internship opportunities
  • Community building: Expand the reach of your school and strengthen your relationship with your community
  • School assemblies, plays, concerts, and other school events: via the secure, restricted-access Vimeo platform, live stream your events to parents and family members anywhere in the world with a video production crewed by your students with access control

Easy to use and implement

  • Video out via HDMI (converted by school from HDMI to their coax TV infrastructure)
  • HDMI can be 3-camera input or 2-camera input and 1-computer input
  • Stream out via school managed Wi-Fi or Ethernet to the school channel(s) on Vimeo Premium Platform to restricted-access audience administered by the school
  • Use low cost HDMI cameras (already owned by students, teachers and schools)
  • Use standard HDMI in from student/teacher computer/laptop/ipad for computer content with HDMI output from that computer
  • Use Apple or Windows based tablets for remote control

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