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Professional Live Video Streaming Made Easy

NextComputing combines specially-designed hardware platforms with Livestream Studio live production switcher software for turnkey end-to-end live video streaming. The result is the most versatile, powerful, all-in-one solution for professional quality live video production. Input multiple feeds, add graphics, master audio, and stream in one robust, easy-to-use package.

In support of your immediate transition from a legacy video conference format or previous in-person event or meeting to the use of Live Video to support your goals, we maintain stock on all Livestream Studio appliances and offer remote access setup support with our Quick-Start assist so you can become immediately operational for your workflow use cases:



  • Virtual events (substitution for face to face conferences and exhibitions)
  • Virtual sales meetings (including visual live demonstration of products)
  • Corporate communications
  • Remote training
  • Marketing


  • Grow revenue with live video, pay per view, and integration of advertising
  • Engage fans anywhere and allow them easy access to content
  • Upload your content via Facebook Live, Youtube, and more


  • Remote training
  • Agency communications internally and to the public
  • Virtual press conferences
  • Online rallies
  • Public hearings and events


  • Online film festivals
  • Live streaming concerts
  • Panel discussions with live video from location to expand subscriber base (where physical attendance is reduced)


  • Live streamed weekly sermons
  • On-demand sessions and services


  • Panel discussions
  • Research seminars
  • Online fundraisers


  • Graduations and ceremonies
  • Online learning and lectures
  • Sporting events
  • Plays and recitals

Now available for rent: Livestream Studio HD550


The portable, all-in-one Livestream Studio HD550 production switcher is now available for rent on a monthly basis. The package includes the HD550, Livestream Studio keyboard, mouse, and rugged travel case for easy shipping and transportation. 

Now you can easily utilize the Livestream Studio HD550 for short-term jobs or on a trial basis to find out if it’s right for your workflow.

Order a rental in our store or contact us to discuss your needs

Video For Business

NextComputing’s Livestream Studio products are closely integrated with Vimeo and its ongoing growth as the single go-to video tool for businesses of any size.

Every business should be using video for internal and external communications, marketing, training and more. While companies are scrambling to build up these digital channels now, tools like Vimeo and Livestream Studio systems make setting up this infrastructure easy for businesses of every size, giving you instant access to create, collaborate, and communicate with video.

Utilizing video for business is something that will be a key factor for success, even in a post-pandemic world. Let NextComputing help you build your video success story now.


Livestream Studio HD550

Easy to set up wherever your event may be. Arrive on-site ready for a full multi-camera production
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Livestream Studio HD51

This rackmount system is the perfect combination of powerful, simple and affordable
Learn More

Livestream Studio HD1710

The most powerful hardware and software in a turnkey, 3U rack-mountable live production switcher
Learn More

Livestream Studio One 2.0

The next generation of powerfully simple live streaming production, minimal footprint.
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Studio Surface Go Plus

Portable solution for the most essential video switching, graphics controls, and transitions
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News and Guides


Learn about how Vermont-based public access cable center Media Factory utilizes Livestream high-performance Livestream Studio HD550 streaming systems from NextComputing for a more manageable equipment package, easier setup, and a service roadmap that allows their crew to focus on producing the kind of high-quality work that increases civic engagement and education.

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Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming

Strategies and stories to help you succeed with live video.

Presented by Vimeo using Livestream Studio and endpoint appliances such as Livestream Studio HD550, HD550-4K, HD51, HD51-4K, and Studio One to make Professional Live Video Easy.

This guide is intended to help organizations from every industry to create immersive, meaningful connections with their audience, no matter who (or where) they are. From massive conference keynotes, to intimate fireside chats, businesses of all sizes are diving in to - and benefiting from - a live video strategy.


NextComputing’s line of Livestream Studio appliances for live video streaming and ISO recording, and Vimeo’s newly announced Vimeo Create tool, make professional live video streaming a viable solution for any business.

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Live video truly is the best option, next to face-to-face interaction, to make sure that your people feel like they are ‘in the know’ in an increasingly digital world. To have an integrated Zoom conference and live video together, consider NextComputing’s Vimeo Livestream Studio professional end point appliances which make Professional Live Video Easy. Combined with Vimeo’s streaming platform and gateway to other platforms including Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube, you now have an all-in-one solution for keeping everyone connected.

Click here to learn how to stream a Zoom meeting using Livestream Studio appliances

Integrate additional streams with the Remote Guest Feature

In addition to integrating graphics and other computer data into your live video stream, Livestream Studio lets you utilize the Remote Guests Feature to stream additional presenters or expert panel members to maximize the effectiveness of your virtual event. Click here to learn more about how NextComputing and Livestream make online meetings and live video easy.

Click here to learn how to use the Live Guest Feature

The Most Versatile Live Switcher

Connect any type of
wired camera

Up to 25 SDI and HDMI connections supported

Choose from a range of wireless & remote cameras

Up to 10 remote video/audio sources from local WiFi or Ethernet network, downlinking web streams, and remote interviews via WebRTC.

PTZ Camera Control

Control any PTZ camera over NDI or VISCA protocol. Set up to 5 camera preset positions per camera

Frame-accurate live switching
and compositing, up to 4K

Graphics, media, transitions and everything you need from a world-class production switcher


Broadcast quality video output

Stream live to multiple destinations

Stream directly to your preferred platform or to multiple platforms with Livestream/Vimeo cloud simulcasting (requires paid Vimeo subscription).

Additional Features

NDI® Support

Up to 25 NDI inputs
Up to 5 NDI outputs

External Multi-view

Create custom multi-channel layouts and send to multiple monitors


Stinger, Dip to Color, SMPTE

Powerful, Layered Broadcast Graphics

  • 3 independent GFX channels
  • 2 color bar/background color channels
  • Add picture-in-picture from live inputs or media player sources
  • Apply in the mix or as a downstream overlay
  • Built-in chroma key on any source: Remove green-screen backdrops to add virtual sets into your productions

Data-Driven Graphics: Connect multiple local or external data sources

Wireless, Multi-Camera Live Production

Remote Control via a Browser UI

  • Control Studio from any location over a local area network (LAN) or internet connection.
  • Multiple users can control a single Studio system, each with unique controls/roles (i.e. switch, graphics, media playback, etc.).
  • Multiple Studio systems can be controlled from one device.

(see list of supported operating systems and browsers)

Multiple, Simultaneous ISO Recordings

  • Up to 4 simultaneous isolated source recordings.
  • MJPEG with uncompressed audio or 1 MP4 Recording with AAC audio compression.
  • Interlacing and timecode support.
  • Full compatibility with Blackmagic Design Media Express and Adobe Premiere.

Frame-accurate Media Playback

2 Media Players - Eject/Load clip. Play Pause/stop. Audio/Video Scrubber. Timecode indicator. Seek to timecode. Mark In/Mark Out. Loop. Auto-play on transition


Multi-channel audio mixer for internal and external audio sources, outputs, stream and headphones.

Video switcher follow feature with audio crossfade support when fading two video sources.

Supports grouping of multiple audio channels

Individual audio channel filters, including Limiter, Compressor, Equalizer, and Noise Gate

Live streaming Interviews Using Only a Browser

Remote guests can join your stream using only a URL in Chrome.

Stream and Record in 4K

End to end 4K multi-bitrate streaming with Livestream and YouTube.

Virtual Camera Crop from 4K

Create virtual cameras from any single camera input. Ideal for 4K inputs when streaming in 1080p or 720p. Eased camera moves, cuts, and presets supported.

Mevo Integration

Connect one or multiple Mevo live-streaming cameras and control them entirely from Studio.

Vimeo Integration

Utilize your existing Vimeo account, and enable cloud simulcasting with Vimeo Premium.

Vimeo Premium Streaming

With Vimeo Livestream Studio streaming, appliance users can subscribe directly with Vimeo to use the all-in-one livestreaming solution subscription platform to do live or post ISO recording streaming.

Color Correction

Adjust your camera’s color settings to get the best quality possible, and unify the look for multi-camera productions, by dialing in the RGB, brightness, saturation, contrast, and more.


Simple Mode

Simplified user experience mode designed for beginners or users who want a cleaner interface

Hardware Acceleration

Studio One products:

  • Intel QuickSync for stream encoding and ISO recording

Studio HD550 and HD51 products:

  • NVIDIA NVENC for stream encoding and ISO recording
  • Support for NVIDIA NVDEC for decoding of video inputs

Multi-network Bonding

Stream over multiple Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE network connections, increasing your bandwidth while also allowing you to create network redundancy.

Built-in RTMP Server

Send a stream from a third-party encoder via RTMP directly to Studio and bring that stream in as a source.

Tally Light Integration

Add tally lights to your studio cameras using metaSETZ tally light controllers with native support for Livestream Studio

Dropbox Integration

Import video files from Dropbox directly into your Media Player bin. Save and receive Studio project files to and from Dropbox.

Real-Time Format Conversion


Solutions and Resources

Livestream Studio Manual
Livestreaming for a House of Worship
Optimizing a Streaming Workflow with Media Factory

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