Workstations Now Available with 4th Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

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NextComputing offers single and dual socket workstation configurations in both tower, portable and rackmount form factors. These systems now support 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors with up to 60 cores / 120 Hyperthreads each. They are ideal to handle the most intensive creative applications, from computer-aided design (CAD) to 4K video editing to 3D rendering, and image processing.

4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors are designed to accelerate performance across the fastest-growing workloads. These processors have the most built-in accelerators of any CPU on the market to help improve performance efficiency for emerging workloads, especially those involving AI, data analytics, networking, and storage. In addition to performance improvements, 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors have advanced security technologies to help protect data in an ever-changing landscape of threats while unlocking new opportunities for business insights.

Both 3rd and 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors for workstations provide several benefits, including: 

  • Increased Performance – The processors feature a high core count and high clock speeds, which allow for faster processing of data and improved performance in demanding workloads such as 3D rendering, video editing, and scientific simulations.
  • Advanced Memory Support – The processors support DDR4 (3rd gen) and DDR5 (4th gen) memory and support for up to 1.5 TB of memory per processor, providing more memory capacity for larger data sets and more demanding applications.
  • Improved Security – The processors feature built-in security features such as Intel Hardware Shield and Intel Threat Detection Technology, which help to protect against malware and other security threats.
  • Enhanced Power Efficiency – The processors feature advanced power management technologies, which help to reduce power consumption and improve energy efficiency, making them well suited for use in data centers and other power-sensitive environments.

Expanded I/O Capabilities – The processors support multiple high-speed I/O interfaces, including PCI Express 4.0 (3rd gen) and PCI Express 5.0 (4th gen), which provide faster data transfer speeds and improved connectivity options for workstations.

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