NextComputing Demonstrates Portable Professional VR Development Solution at Gigabyte’s CES Global Press Event

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NextComputing will present its deployable virtual reality development solution at the Gigabyte™ CES pre-show Global Press Event, January 4, 2017, at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. This solution combines the power and flexibility of NextComputing’s Radius Edge portable workstation computer with a Gigabyte motherboard, NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics, and professional VR applications such as Assimilate SCRATCH VR and Autodesk LIVE. Visitors will be able to experience these solutions at the Global Press Event on the Oculus Rift HMD.

This combination of VR technology enables media producers and virtual design & construction professionals to develop virtual content with minimal setup, and provides the performance needed to step inside their design and better communicate their vision.

Computer manufacturers are upgrading their offerings to provide the graphics capability, processing power, and memory necessary to create a seamless VR experience for users and developers. NextComputing has already met the performance demands of VR with the Radius Edge high-performance portable computer. The Edge features workstation-level components – such as the NVIDIA Quadro M6000 graphics card – in a portable system with an integrated display for a complete professional VR solution.

Autodesk LIVE is an architectural visualization application which transforms your Revit models into an interactive experience that you can present in VR. The Radius Edge provides the perfect combination of performance and portability to bring your vision to life with Autodesk LIVE.

Assimilate SCRATCH VR is creative finishing software for 360 VR video content. It contains all of the features Assimilate’s SCRATCH video editing suite, plus additional creative tools and features that are specific to a complete and powerful end-to-end VR workflow. SCRATCH VR allows you to playback, edit, grade, and finish on a VR headset, while concurrently outputting to SDI, as well as the integrated display on the Radius Edge.

You’ll be able to experience the superior VR workflow of the Radius Edge VR solution with the Oculus Rift HMD. The Radius Edge has the horsepower to provide the smooth, vibrant display that the Oculus Rift is capable of, and the easy setup of the Rift mirrors the Edge’s own plug-and-play design for a complete deployable VR solution.

The world of virtual reality technology is changing and improving rapidly. From 3D modeling to UAVs to 360-degree photography, VR technologies enhance multiple professional applications. Professionals in a myriad of industries can leverage NextComputing’s professional VR solutions to reduce costly errors, take projects to the next level, and provide a venue for clients to play an active role in their projects.

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