Unique Solutions for Your Specific Needs

Don’t settle for generic computer solutions that are not designed to run your high-end applications. Whether you’re looking for a more powerful laptop alternative, a more compact server solution for a space-restricted rack, or a smaller workstation for your limited workspace, NextComputing has developed a unique range of ultra high-performance solutions for your industry-specific needs.

custom-designed computing appliances

Custom Designed OEM Appliances

Looking to create something completely new? Let us work with you to build solutions not just with top-of-the-line components, but in a form factor unique to you. We’ll work with you every step of the way from concept to design to manufacturing.

high-performance portable computer workstations

Portable Workstations

Our portable computer systems are the perfect replacement for a performance-starved or I/O-limited notebook, or to reduce the strain and headaches of transporting large, bulky servers and workstations.

Rugged portable computer workstations

Rugged Portables

To run demanding applications in harsh environments you need a powerful, rugged workstation with internal shock-absorbing capabilities and multi-display options. Our Vigor series systems offer a wealth of options for customizing the exact system for your deployed requirements.

high-density rackmount server systems

Short-Depth Rackmounts

Where typical servers are simply too large or can’t perform as you expect them to, our high-performance servers and dense rackmount workstations will give your applications a boost, while taking up as little physical space as possible.