NextComputing’s portable workstations and compact rack-mount systems are ideal for high-end network analysis applications; particularly where mobility or space constraints are limiting factors.

We also offer affordable enterprise-class packet capture platforms that integrate with your favorite 3rd party or open-source tools, or with your own applications via a REST API.

  • True server-class processing – Multi-core desktop-class processors
  • Massive memory capacity – Excellent for manipulating large database files in memory.
  • Expansive storage – Multiple TB of RAID storage via hand-removable SATA, SAS and Solid State Drives
  • Virtualization support – Simulate multiple client/server environments in a single system with platforms like VMWare EXSi
  • Expansion – full-sized PCI Express slots allow easy integration of popular network interface cards or other devices
Radius, high-performance portable computer workstations

Portable Workstations

The Radius series of portable computers is designed for professional users who need more power and flexibility than a laptop, yet in a transportable package. Featuring a completely expandable and upgradeable architecture based on the industry’s latest off-the-shelf technology, Radius systems can be configured to meet your needs at costs that rival high-end notebooks, but with enterprise-class workstation performance.

  • Radius – Lightweight, 4-slot portable workstation or server
  • Radius EDS – massive storage for high-speed data management
  • Radius EDS Plus – maximum performance, storage, and flexible power
vigor rugged portable workstation

Rugged Portable Workstation

The Vigor platform features powerful computing performance in unique, ruggedized chassis that supports up to (7) full-length, full-height PCI Express expansion slots.

  • Vigor EDS – Massive storage and expandability for high-throughput data
nucleus high-density rackmount

Short-Depth Rackmounts

Where typical servers are simply too large or can’t perform as you expect them to, our high-performance servers and dense rackmount workstations will give your applications a boost, while taking up as little physical space as possible.

  • Nucleus Capture 20×2 – featuring 20 front-accessible 2.5″ SATA, SAS, or Solid State hard drives, up to 2TB each
  • Nucleus 2U – A unique form factor for high-performance computing in limited spaces. The 2U height and short, 17” rack depth make it an ideal fit for small racks or for easy transit wherever you need it to be.