Streaming a Zoom Meeting with Livestream Studio Appliances

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Make virtual meetings and live video easy

Whether you’re planning an internal all-hands customer meetup or an industry conference, virtual events with Zoom can help you stay connected with your employees and customers, even if you can’t bring them all to the same place. Zoom also lets you pull together other experts using a Zoom Window within your live video as well as other graphics and computer data.

Live video truly is the best option, next to face-to-face interaction, to make sure that your people feel like they are ‘in the know’ in an increasingly digital world. To have an integrated Zoom conference and live video together, consider NextComputing’s Vimeo Livestream Studio professional end point appliances which make Professional Live Video Easy. Combined with Vimeo’s streaming platform and gateway to other platforms including Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube, you now have an all-in-one solution for keeping everyone connected.

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