NVIDIA Iray and NextComputing Offer Powerful, Innovative Rendering Solutions

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NVIDIA Iray Rendering Power, NextComputing Compact Hardware

NextComputing now offers NVIDIA Iray Certified Rendering Systems which maximize the performance of NVIDIA’s Iray interactive, physically-based rendering technology.

Whether you need high-performance rendering servers, a compact client workstation, or both, NextComputing has customized solutions to reinvent your workflow.

In addition to Iray Server, our certified systems are available with an Iray plug-in of your choice (including 3DS MAX, MAYA, Cinema4D, and Rhinoceros).

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NextComputing high-performance rendering servers are the ideal host for Iray, offering configurations with 2 or 4 NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, as well as top-of-the-line processing, memory, and extensive storage options. Every Iray certified system is carefully configured and tuned for maximum rendering power.

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NextComputing’s Radius Edge all-in-one desktop workstation offers new possibilities for your rendering workflow. As a client workstation with its own Quadro GPU, the Edge can then be linked to our certified NVIDIA GPU rendering servers, allowing you to accelerate the speed and interactivity of your rendering from any location.

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