Introducing Vigor EDS – A High-Throughput Workstation in a Tough Portable Package

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NextComputing enables rugged, high-throughput computing in harsh environments with the announcement of the Vigor EDS. Never before has such a performance-packed system been so well suited for the toughest of operating environments.

NextComputing’s Vigor EDS combines an enterprise-class system architecture, for demanding, mission-critical applications, with a unique shock-mounted chassis for maximum reliability. This portable, rugged workstation / server is designed for a multitude of data-intensive applications that must take place in less than ideal operating environments.
Portable and deployable applications for the Vigor EDS include:

  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR)
    • Use as portable, deployable server or server clusters
    • Support for VMware vSphere, Red Hat Linux, and other Linux distributions
    • Full-size PCI Express 3.0 card support for high-speed data recording and network card configurations including multiple 10G and 100G interfaces
    • Up to 28 Intel E5 v3 processor cores (46 Hyper-Threads) and 256GB high performance DDR4 memory
    • SED/AES 256-bit encrypted and FIPS 140.2 compliant RAID-able and removable storage
  • Training, simulation, algorithmic processing, geo-spatial analysis, and visualization
    • Support for one or more full-size NVIDIA Quadro series cards including Quadro M5000 and M600 and Tesla class GPGPU cards
    • One to three HD 1920×1080 displays
  • Oil / gas field exploration and production (E&P), and overall reservoir management
    • High-speed data collection via cutting-edge network cards and large RAID storage
    • Extreme performance for fast data processing and smooth visualization
  • UAV ground control
    • Rugged design and easy setup for command centers in remote and harsh locations
    • Optional attached swing-out displays for an expanded visual workspace

Unique to Vigor EDS is its innovative storage configuration. It provides up to 16 easy-access removable hard drives offering many terabytes of enterprise-class storage with RAID. And, like all other NextComputing systems, Vigor EDS is modular and scalable, making it adaptable to any needed configuration.

Key features that define the performance and flexibility of the Vigor EDS include:

  • Up to 16 easy-access removable hard drives (32 TB of enterprise-class storage)
  • Multiple storage configuration options including SED/AES 256-bit encryption and RAID 0/1/5/10 via onboard or add-in PCIe controller
  • Enterprise-class system architecture including dual Intel processors and support for a variety of operating systems
  • High bandwidth data recording and playback
  • Rugged external chassis and shock-mounted internal chassis
  • Dust filtration options for I/O panels
  • Integrated LCD and optional swing-out monitors for dual or triple display
  • Up to 7 combined full-length PCI Express 3.0 slots

The Vigor EDS is NextComputing’s latest innovation in an impressive line of portable systems that pack quite a punch. Vigor EDS is built to be an indispensible tool for the warfighter, C4ISR mission, or any field technician. Deploy Vigor EDS to manage your mission critical applications at the datacenter, or in the field.

NextComputing has a number of branding and support options for OEMs and resellers. Ask your Sales Engineer for details. NextComputing takes care of its clients, and its systems. Depend on us to support your programs for years to come.

Click here to learn more about the Vigor EDS, including a complete list of features and technical specifications. Check with your Sales Engineer for custom configurations available to you.

For more information about NextComputing’s high-performance products, including the Vigor EDS, email or call 603-886-3874.