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NextComputing isn’t just tools for one industry. Anywhere you need high-performance computing, whether it’s at your desk or in the field, NextComputing has the right system for you.

Media & Entertainment

NextComputing’s products can be customized for the needs of professional content producers. Now you can replace that aging workstation or lackluster laptop with a more robust system, backed by a company that understands your challenges and knows how to overcome them.

Government & Military

Optimized for battle management operations, our systems are built to provide a utility to the warfighter. With effective video capture, storage and playback you can undertake high-bandwidth, real-time visualization, streaming and analysis with ease – even under the most demanding and extreme conditions.

Test & Measurement

NextComputing solutions can easily support the same high-end specifications as many administrator servers or workstations, but in a sleek, briefcase-sized package that’s ready to go wherever your network demands. If you need even more power in a traditional form factor, our short-depth rackmount systems can also be customized based on your specific needs.
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Virtual Reality

NextComputing workstations are built with the graphics and processing horsepower needed for your VR capture, streaming, post-production, and 3D creation workflow.

Design & Engineering

NextComputing workstations are configured to meet the specific demands of your engineering workload. They are built from the ground up with your selection of top-of-the-line processors, graphics, memory and storage. The result is a purpose-built system which offers the smoothest performance in applications like those from Autodesk and SolidWorks.

More Industries

At NextComputing we work with you to understand what your computing needs are. We have expertise in numerous industries, which further helps us develop the right solutions for you. Start exploring more industry-specific NextComputing solutions.