Computer Generated VR

A seamless VR experience is driven by frame rates; frame rates are driven by powerful processing. A powerful CPU improves overall system performance, but dedicated graphics processing is the technology that has enabled VR to advance to its current state. High-frame-rate performance from a graphics card translates into smoother and more realistic VR experiences for the developer and the viewer. … Read More

Medical Imaging

Compact 3D medical imaging hardware for capture and analysisEvery day, radiologists and other medical professionals peer deep inside the human body thanks to the sharp, detailed images produced by today’s IT-based medical imaging systems. Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) have further revolutionized the diagnostic process by enabling teleradiology, where radiologists can read images over a network anywhere they have … Read More

Government & Military

DEPLOYABLE HIGH-PERFORMANCE WORKSTATIONS FOR NATIONAL SECURITY & DEFENSEGovernment and military organizations have many mission critical responsibilities demanding the utmost in computer performance. For Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) applications, commercial notebooks – ruggedized or not – simply do not possess the required performance, power, or storage capabilities. And transporting bulky, fragile servers that can’t hold up … Read More

Test & Measurement

Powerful workstations for high-performance test applicationsWhen you put systems, components, and networks to the test in the field, does your mobile computing power measure up? To capture critical data in real-time, you need the same high-speed data rate and storage capabilities on the road as you have in your test lab. But most notebook PCs are woefully underpowered when it … Read More

Media & Entertainment

Creating compelling content requires tools that enable the creative process, not tie you down. Whether you’re shooting a feature film, editing a documentary, conducting a live webcast, or producing a sporting event, you need technology that is reliable, proven, and easy to use. NextComputing’s products are designed for the needs of professional content producers. Now you can replace that aging … Read More