Introducing Our Newest Rackmount Powerhouse: NextServer-X


NextComputing, designers of innovative, incredibly small workstations and servers for creative professionals and the cyber-data analytics community, announce the release of the NextServer-X. This new short-depth rackmount system features up to 64 processor cores (128 Hyper threads), 1TB memory, PCI Express 3.0 I-O slots, high-performance NVME SSDs with sustained writes to 3.2GB/second and up to 8 removable 12G SAS or 6G SATA SSDs. The NextServer-X is less than 12” in depth for space-constrained racks or small footprint desktops, and small enough to fit within its TSA-compliant rolling carry-on case.

The NextServer-X is a modular, purpose-built, high-performance workstation and server. It’s built for SAAS or solution provider use cases that are processing/memory intensive or storage performance demanding. The small form-factor NextServer-X is ideal for any mobile or deployable services at the edge of the network or on location as the system travels within a TSA compliant carry-on hardcase with telescoping handle and wheels.

Use cases for NextServer-X include cybersecurity incidence response, data collection, network analytics, big data analytics, simulation, modeling, GPU processing, rendering, or as a mobile server for military, intelligence, first responder applications.

Its short 12” depth and rack mount options for front I-O access or rear I-O access make it ideal for M&E production and live event use cases including broadcast trucks or other vehicles. It is ideal to use as a workstation with PCI Express I-O for on-set production rendering, encoding, graphics editing, color correction, streaming, ISO recording, and other live event use cases.

Key Features of the NextServer-X include:

  • Smallest form factor, highest performance: as a desktop or short depth rack mount
  • Easily transportable: system and hard case combined are less than 35lbs for single-person lift and TSA compliant carry-on
  • Modular and purpose built: for your-high performance computing use case.
  • As a high-performance server: Ideal for cyber analytics, data analytics, network forensics and data recording
  • As a high-performance workstation: Ideal for rendering and scientific simulation
  • AMD EPYC 64 core processor 128 Hyper threads
  • Ultra-fast removable storage technologies U.2/MVME and 12G SAS SSDs
  • Multiple PCI Express 3.0 slots for your purpose-specific I-O and co-processing
  • Support for open standards operating systems including Red Hat/CentOS 7.7 Linux, Windows Server and desktop, and vSphere for bare metal use cases

“The NextServer-X is an engineering powerhouse intended for demanding computing applications requiring purpose-built appliances for your service or software. It offers unprecedented capability in a small footprint which also fits within our TSA Carry-On compliant hard case and is a modular design which can be used as a rack mount, desktop, or stackable.”

– Bob Labadini, CTO NextComputing

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