Stunning Visuals, Anywhere You Need to Be

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Applications like Cinema 4D, Autodesk 3DS MAX, MAYA, and Adobe Creative Cloud excel at what they do when they’ve got the best hardware to back it up. NextComputing portables like the Radius Edge offer just that.

High-Performance Portables for Virtual Reality Users and Developers

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NextComputing has always provided the computing performance necessary for the most demanding visual applications, and VR is no exception. Our unique systems are available with multiple high-end graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD, extreme processing power, and several different arrays of high-speed storage.

A New High-Performance Workhorse – Announcing the Nucleus 2U

nextcomputingCompany News

Nucleus 2U is a high-density, compact rackmount system built for these off-site or space-limited application requirements. It provides an ideal combination of fast processing, massive storage, and PCI Express expansion, all in much less space than comparable rack-mount servers.

Visual Computing and NVIDIA


NVIDIA is the world leader in visual computing: The GPU, NVDIA’s invention, serves as the visual cortex of modern computers. All of NVIDIA’s GPU and CUDA processing boards can be used in NextComputing portable Radius series platforms including our new innovative Radius Edge portable visual computing platform. Read more at: