Luxion Keyshot Workstations

To leverage the full power of the KeyShot software, you need powerful, professional hardware as well. NextComputing has a variety of workstations ranging from full-size towers to compact, all-in-one portables for working anywhere. Each system supports workstation-class processing, storage, and graphics power and has everything you need to get the most from KeyShot.

Wacom Workstations

Flawless creating anywhere you need to design or display with zero lag. NextComputing systems optimize the performance of Cintiq pen displays so your creativity flows freely.

Octane Render Workstations

The OctaneRender® GPU render engine delivers quality and speed unrivaled by any production renderer on the market. To leverage its full power, you need professional-grade hardware that won’t bottleneck your workflow. Edge high-performance workstations by NextComputing feature the power and expandability to run multiple professional-grade NVIDA GPUs, resulting in the smoothest, fastest rendering workflow.

Cinema 4D Workstations

While Cinema 4D will run on a standard PC, only a system that is properly optimized for 3D design, animation and rendering will support your creativity and empower your best work. NextComputing’s Edge workstations are designed to give you a great C4D experience out of the box, including fast project loading, smooth and responsive modeling, and rendering speeds that will help you meet deadlines. Whether you need a reliable and silent workstation for your studio or a portable system to take to client meetings, we can configure a system to suit your exact needs.

Davinci Resolve Workstations

Because DaVinci Resolve is scalable and resolution independent, hardware requirements vary by every possible use case. Fortunately, NextComputing workstations can be customized and optimized for any workflow; particularly for high-quality professional-grade editing, on-set or offline.

Avid Media Composer Workstations

Workstations by NextComputing can be configured for optimal performance when it comes to creative content development. Coupled with Avid Media Composer software, you have a complete all-in-one solution for accelerating your video editing and development workflow.

Adobe Workstations

Adobe and NextComputingPowerhouse Video Editing WorkstationsNextComputing workstations are optimized for ultra-smooth creative content development and editing with Adobe Creative Cloud applications. As a trusted Adobe Video & Audio Partner, our systems are particularly well suited for supercharging your workflow with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. NextComputing has the right hardware you need to maximize your editing speed and minimize your … Read More

Assimilate SCRATCH VR Suite

Assimilate and NextComputingPower your end-to-end workflowVirtual Reality storytelling requires powerful and easy-to-use solutions to effectively capture, process and deliver high-quality 360 content. Every element from camera to distribution must be checked for compatibility, meeting minimum requirements, and ideally with a workflow supported by all vendors. And with so many options to choose from it can be difficult to know where … Read More

Torus Media Labs

Torus Media Labs and NextComputing360° VR WORKFLOW SOLUTIONSThe perfect VR development comboNextComputing systems, coupled with CANVAS 360™ Pro by Torus Media Labs, make it easy to jump into the world of 360˚ VR video without leaving the tools you already know. Whether you want a portable all-in-one system like the Edge D100 or Radius Live, or a powerhouse tower workstation … Read More


The Samsung 360 Round camera is revolutionizing 360 VR content creation, being the first 360 camera to offer sought-after features like stereoscopic 3D and spatial audio at an amazing price. But to get the most from your 360 Round, you need to pair it with the right hardware. Enter NextComputing’s Radius and Edge series high-performance portable workstations: turnkey systems for live production and post-production with the Samsung 360 Round.